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Cross Channel Marketing

Cross Channel Marketing

Movember your data! How you can support the cause

[[The following is a guest post by Chloe Basterfield, Marketing Manager at Oracle Marketing Cloud]] This Movember boys and girls we are growing our Mos to...

Cross Channel Marketing

How 4 companies find and create value from open data

Marketers know they need to build campaigns around the ever-growing amount of customer information at their fingertips. But there’s more data than what they’re...

Cross Channel Marketing

The most modern marketers in the world live here

In today’s digitally empowered age, marketing has become one of the most progressive functions within an organisation - it has transformed from an intuitive art...

Cross Channel Marketing

Take advantage of the connected device holiday shopping spree

Black Friday is a little more than two weeks away, and consumers are gearing up for another holiday shopping craze. The latest tech gadgets are always near the...

Cross Channel Marketing

Don’t be daunted by data: Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Data Management [new ebook]

[[The following is a guest post from Jonathan Riemer, Director of Global Marketing Campaigns and Senior Writer for the Oracle Marketing Cloud]] For marketers...

Cross Channel Marketing

How to use data to make video marketing more strategic (webcast)

Data. Just that word alone is enough to cause some marketers to break out in hives. Add the word "big" in front of it and those same marketers would need...

Cross Channel Marketing

How to tame a brand superfan

One of your biggest brand advocates gets a tattoo of your company logo. Embarrassing or flattering? Ask Google. It actually happened to them. Extreme brand...

Content Marketing

More deadly sins of content marketing (ebook)

So you think you're safe now that Halloween has come and gone I suppose? All you marketers out there committing the deadly sins of marketing think that since...

Cross Channel Marketing

The deadly sins of content marketing (ebook)

Halloween may be over but the season of the witch, if you will, lives on. And it is in this season where many marketers, be they B2C or B2B fall prey to the...