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Cross Channel Marketing

Cross Channel Marketing

What marketers can learn from Dee Snider in 2015

As we approach 2015 I thought it best to take the time and reflect on some words of wisdom from one of the great thinkers of our time: Dee Snider. Ok, I admit I...

Cross Channel Marketing

Why your data needs a makeover [Infographic]

Analysing marketing data - and communicating your findings clearly - is vital to your career progression. According to Forrester’s report, Marketers Need To...

Cross Channel Marketing

How to have very merry data this holiday season

There are probably countless marketers out there who would never put the word "merry" and "data" together in the same sentence. The reason being these same...

Cross Channel Marketing

Black Friday: Gone but not forgotten

[[This is a guest post from Tom Webster, Vice President at Edison Research]] As you probably know by now, Black Friday 2014 saw some disappointing news for...

Cross Channel Marketing

Taking the guesswork out of marketing - A case study

"Your guess is as good as mine." How many times do you think that phrase is said/has been said aloud by a marketer in a conference room across the globe at any...

Cross Channel Marketing

Which TV Show matches your Data Utilization Strategy?

One of my most inspiring (and terrifying) advertising professors advised on a daily basis: “NO borrowed interest!” In other words, don’t cram an analogy...

Cross Channel Marketing

Share Your Marketing Flair! Call for Nominations - 2015 Markie Awards

It’s about that time again, to strut your marketing stuff and vie for a Markie Award! We are honoring excellence in modern marketing across 20 categories. The...

Cross Channel Marketing

Data management: Essential best practices for getting started

Data is the fuel of all our marketing activities. Our customers and prospective buyers are savvy, empowered, and carry high expectations for personalization...

Content Marketing

Courting your customer: Relationship advice for marketers

Automation has made it easier for marketers to distribute content, but the content itself needs more attention. It’s important to plan and create content that...