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Cross Channel Marketing and the Future of Search

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

It's Friday Five time, our weekly roundup of five stories for one topic. This week: Cross Channel Marketing. 

How Cross-Channel Drives The Future Of Search

adMarketplace, Apple, Bing, Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Yahoo, among others, hold a place in cross-channel campaigns -- but marketers still need to learn how to tie together the media similar to the way they learned to link desktop and mobile advertising. Consumer behavior and advancements by brands continue to challenge this trend.

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The IAB’s recently released survey results confirmed what most marketers and advertisers are already thinking—2016 will (and has to be) the year for cross channel attribution. According to the research, 57.6% of respondents claim that they are planning to shift their focus to solving cross-channel measurement, attribution and audience matching challenges.

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Three Key Trends In Cross-Channel Marketing

Using multiple devices is changing the way consumers' brains work, said Ben Gaddis, chief innovation officer of Austin-based digital agency T3. He mentioned a UCLA study that looks at neuroplasticity. As people check their phones 150 times a day, the hippocampus -- the section of the brain thought to be the center of emotion and memory -- is enlarging, not shrinking, Gaddis said. The brain offloads unimportant tasks (such as remembering phone numbers) to devices, so consumers change their expectations. 

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How to properly time a cross-channel campaign with data-driven marketing

Campaigns that deploy across channels are a fundamental expectation from the executive suite. It is expected that marketing efforts are calculated programmes to deploy a message wherever people are and attract (convert) as many as possible to customers. And rightly so. But the trick now more than ever is to put the message in the right place at the right time.

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Attribution: The key to cross-channel marketing success

As the old marketing adage goes, “half my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half.”Coined by John Wanamaker over a hundred years ago, this statement still holds true for much of digital marketing today. It underscores an age-old need for marketers to understand: in which areas they are spending money to drive traffic that is genuinely valuable. This has always been the goal of businesses seeking to optimise their marketing spend, and is especially challenging when offline channels, such as outdoor marketing or billboards, are taken into consideration.

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For help when it comes to cross channel marketing, download the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Cross-Channel Marketing.

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