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How Crew Clothing Used Relevance to Increase Conversion [Case Study]

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

Back in January of this year I penned a piece for Forbes entitled The Nine Letter Word Every Marketer Needs To Remember At All Times. The word in question is in the title of this article. Can you guess what it is?

Sure you can.

It’s relevance.

Such a simple word yet so taken for granted as it relates to marketers and their customers.

In the aforementioned Forbes piece I made reference to an article on MarketingCharts.com which contained this ominous headline: Consumers Don’t Just Ignore Irrelevant Marketing Messages…

The article spoke to the results of research re: the need to deliver content to your customers and prospects that matter to them, AKA is relevant to them. From the MarketingCharts.com piece:

Specifically, 94% of respondents reported taking at least one of these actions in response to a company that consistently mis-targeted them in their marketing efforts:

  • Automatically deleted the emails (68%);
  • Unsubscribed from emails (54%);
  • Categorized emails as “junk” or “spam” (45%);
  • Became less likely to buy products (29%);
  • Visited the website less frequently (13%); and
  • Never visited the website again (10%).

Just let those numbers sink in for a minute and think to yourself ‘are your marketing messages relevant to those your customers and prospects?’

Crew Clothing – A Case Study
Since 1993 Crew Clothing, based in the UK, has been designing and producing luxury British casual wear for men and women.

To reach their customers and prospects the retailer was reliant on batch and blast email marketing
tactics. To their credit they realized they needed to refine and define their tactics to help stay engaged with current customers as well as re-engaging with those who had lapsed.

“We all know the feeling of being bombarded by messages," said Sebastiano Elia, Online Marketing Executive, Crew Clothing. "So rather than target them (customer base) in the same way, we wanted to deliver programmes that would be more eye-catching and offer individualised, timelier incentives to re-engage them. Once re-engaged, we would have greater opportunity to give them the full brand experience and build long-lasting relationships.”

The Oracle Marketing Cloud conducted a full audit, then worked with the Crew Clothing team to create segmentation based on different criteria and created a testing plan to determine which content worked best with each segment.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Active user increase: 20%
  • Lapsed user decrease: 25%
  • Lift in open rate: 75%
  • Lift in responder rate: 50% on Welcome / 30% on Abandonment
  • Email outperformed its UK quarterly revenue attainment target

Click here to download the complete case study, which includes a very informative and insight Q&A with Mr. Elia. If you want to strut your marketing stuff, submit your case study for the 2014 Markie Awards!

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