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Creating Content Topics For Your Target Personae

Clayton Stobbs
Director of Account Management

Audience Targeting


It’s an easy decision to arrive at to start creating content. All the research is there for you to see that one of the smartest things you can be doing for your brand is creating exciting, timely and relative content. 


The problem is the step that comes after “Let’s create content!” Understanding what your brand needs to talk about and who to talk to can feel like a daunting problem to have to solve. Creating personae for your brand can help to solve that problem, but way too often brands do all the work behind creating these personae and then don’t actually use them.


The entire idea behind a persona is that it gives your writers someone to envision when they’re generating content. Understanding who you’re talking to makes it easier to know what voice to use.


The problem is when you don’t consider the topics that your personae want to hear about. Using the correct voice is a step in the right direction, but if your subject matter doesn’t appeal to your target persona, then your content is likely doomed.


Choosing subjects that appeal to your personae shouldn’t be a frustrating process. If you understand your audience well enough to target them, you should also be able to estimate what topics they will be interested in hearing about from your brand. Think about how your target audience uses and interacts with your brand. What can you tell them about that they might not know already? What can you say that provides value to them? Answering these questions can help you to get started with content that will be important to your target personae.


The other part of the equation is measuring your content performance.


Few marketers hit the target with their very first content produced. Good content production is an always-ongoing process. Your audience will tell you if you’ve correctly selected topics for your personae.


If your content is underperforming, make sure that you’re targeting your voice to your intended audience, and that you’re also selecting topics that you think they will find valuable. Never be afraid to make a change to your topics if your measurement tells you that a change is needed.

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