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How To Improve Conversion From Suspect To Advocacy: Tips Along The Journey

Our buyers and content consumers are driving interactions with our brands on their terms and across different channels. While it can seem like a challenge to “keep up” with your target audience as a result, you can glean a lot of critical benefits by leveraging process-oriented approaches to data management.

The more you know about your audience, the more appropriately you can tailor your interactions, the information they receive, and the timeliness of response and engagement.

Sales and marketing alignment encompasses many things, but perhaps one of the most vital benefits of tightly integrated operations is turning the united front of engagements into improved experiences and enhanced conversions.

The only universally agreed upon — and most tangible — indication of “conversion” is when money is handed over to purchase something: A prospect becomes a buyer. Unfortunately, the stages leading up to that cash exchange are vague, and worse yet, fluid. And the temptation for most organizations and departments is to interpret the data in whatever way makes them look the best.

Terms like “lead management”, “lead scoring”, and “lead nurturing” are hugely important and valid. But the danger when discussing conversion is that it is much too easy to consider each as a separate discipline. A Modern Marketing approach is to enable bits and pieces of each to influence every stage of the funnel.

Check out how "Modern Mark" and his team are managing the conversion process along the organizational Journey to Modern Marketing here:

Looking for more Conversion best practices? Check out our new Conversion Guide. The content explores some of the challenges around that slippery conversion definition and walk you through the actions you can take as a Modern Marketer to ensure you’re ready to:
• Take a long-view of what is needed to trigger conversions throughout the funnel
• Implement the most aggressive and progressive marketing automation tactics to accomplish specific goals
• Report with the most valuable and defendable metrics
• Respond to observed trends in a timely manner

For this guide to be of maximum value, we propose an expanded view of conversion that includes activities post sale. This creates an elongated funnel with the money exchange in the middle and the narrow end now taking customers from simple purchasers all the way to brand-loyal, fanatical advocates.

Case Study: McAfee Crafts New Conversion Methods
The marketing team at dedicated security technology company McAfee had become so good at creating responses to multichannel marketing programs that the top of the sales funnel overflowed with leads. Sales felt that the quality of the leads generated by marketing was poor and follow up was sometimes a waste of time. Marketing sought to realized that they needed a way to automatically evaluate responses so only the best leads made their way to sales.

The organization created a journey to more effectively engage leads that were not ready to buy. Prospects went through a segmented nurturing program giving them the right information at the right time in the buying process so leads became sales ready using lead scoring and nurturing.

Leads are assessed by job role, company size, relationship, email clicks, downloaded assets, trial downloads, and event attendance. Now McAfee can analyze and assess both the profile fit and level of engagement of each lead.

Download our new Conversion Guide now!

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