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Content Creation Tips from a Texas Garden


There are plenty of great tips for content creation. This is a collection of three tips on the easiest ways to curate and create content. These three tips come straight from observations of central Texas gardening. There is a popular technique here called xeriscaping. This is a simple idea – landscape in ways that use less water and are suitable to our hot, dry summers. Your options if you choose not to xeriscape in Texas are:

  1. Dead, brown plants.

  2. Rocks.

  3. An enormous water bill.


Some marketers don’t invest in content development because they think it will consume all of their time, so they settle for less-than-great content. Here are some tips for finding a happy ratio of time investment to quality output.


Choose native plants when planting your garden. Cacti hold up and flourish in the dry heat; whereas, geraniums shrivel up by 10 a.m. Proactively measure qualitative sentiment of content to understand which content in your programs flourishes. If you have a customer community, monitor which topics your members gravitate towards, as well as the discussions they initiate and participate in. Some important KPIs include blog posts that garner the most comments and discussion, and anecdotal discussions during events.

A great way to share customer success is to invite them to share their own thought leadership and best practice experience in contributed content. Asking an advocate to be a guest blogger is a huge compliment to them and infuses your content with a fresh perspective. This method is free, low-effort, and drought tolerant.

Ask yourself, “Is it really a weed?”  In Texas it is best to embrace some of the “weeds” and re-label them as “wildflowers.” What in your buying cycle or customer life cycle can be reimagined as wildflowers? Analyze your support logs: What are the complaints and points of confusion? Is there an opportunity to improve the content around those topics? Could the customer onboarding help clarify this? See the positive in previously ‘weedy’ situations to improve customer experience, adoption, and satisfaction.

Mulch and nurture plants that are already growing to keep their roots cool. A little mulch can help plants thrive even in the hottest months. Likewise, you too can follow the path of least resistance: Audit your current content to identify which assets can be re-purposed, as well as topical areas you should improve upon. For starters, focus on existing content that maybe needs a quick refresh or an update to statistics. It’s a small investment of time to turn around a fresh piece of content.

How do you balance developing content with all of your other responsibilities?

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