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Content Workflow: Getting Started

Kaila Garrison
Product Marketing Manager



The marketing world continues to buzz on the importance of content marketing. There is no doubt that content marketing must be a part of any brand strategy in the digital age. That said, things are never as easy as you would hope. 


How do you create, manage, distribute and optimize all of that content with limited resources? It starts with workflow, and here are three quick tips for establishing a solid foundation to build on:


Define roles and responsibilities before worrying about people and resources.


There are essential roles that must be filled in any content effort. Depending on your brand size and industry you may need quite a few more roles, but essentially all content teams need the following: creators, editors and approvers.


Before you worry about who is going to do what in your content team, first you need to define the roles. You may have a dozen content creators, two editors and one approval person. Some people may handle one or all of the roles at some point. The fact is that the people may change, but the roles likely will not.


Forget the publishing channel.


Whether you are posting to a blog, Facebook, email or even Twitter, all of your content needs to be edited and approved.




Do not make the mistake of thinking a 140 character tweet does not need to edited and approved.






Utilize marketing technology.


Publishing content can be a nightmare without the proper tools. You may have limited resources, but investing in technology can make you infinitely more efficient. Utilizing a platform such as Compendium to manage and publish content on your website, or SocialEngage from ExactTarget to manage your social media engagement can lead to a much more organized and productive content campaign.

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