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How to: Mapping Content to the Buyer's Journey

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Below is the deck I presented at the Online Marketing Summit a couple weeks back. It’s called “From Content to Customer” and it focuses on the nexus of B2B content marketing and demand generation. Huge thanks to partner JESS3 for the creative genius.

The substance was co-developed in concert with my colleague, Elle Woulfe, who moves the levers in our demand engine, and it’s in this duality – from “pre-funnel” creative content to “in funnel” functional content – that this presentation’s special brand of value can be found.  Simply put, most sessions tend to focus on either trendy content marketing/social media themes or lead generation methodologies. They are either denim or Dockers. This deck brings those disparate worlds together.


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The essential takeaways are:

  • Content has minimal value in absolute, but tremendous value when mapped to the right stage in the funnel

  • When it comes to distribution, think of suspect-stage content as “many to many,” prospect-stage as “one to many,” lead-stage as “one to few,” and opportunity stage as “one to one”

  • When it comes to prospects, content that assuages professional fears tends to be most effective

  • Mismatching content to stage can backfire … mitigate by asking yourself, “Is this piece of content, delivered at this time, advancing the buyer’s journey?”

Elle or I will be presenting this deck at several events this year. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments section, and we’ll do our best to answer them in future presentations. In the meantime, a question for you: How would you classify this particular piece of content? Would you consider this deck to be suspect-stage content or is it better for prospects?

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