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10 Actionable Content Marketing Tips: Content2Conversion Conference Recap

Who’s down with OPC?

We’re not talking about the celebration song of early 90s hip-hop. The acronym, rather, is a content marketing must: To collect, leverage, and share Other People’s Content (OPC). This was one of many central takeaways from Demand Gen Report’s B2B Content2Conversion Conference this week at the Times Center in New York.

The event covered a lot of critical content ground for B2B marketers, and even highlighted specific case study examples of how companies like SAP, IBM, and Crowe Horwath are maximizing their investments by leveraging content. While there were many ‘tweetable moments’, here are 10 actionable content marketing tips, and the speaker Twitter handles that if you weren’t following, you will be now!

1. You’re content marketing whether you know it or not. And when it comes to leads, Lady Gaga’s mantra does not apply — they simply aren’t born this way. It takes great content and the appropriate execution methods to improve the quality and progression of leads. –Trip Kucera, Aberdeen Group @TripKucera

2. It’s time to think big picture about the role of new media. Marketing needs to own, not rent media coverage. Develop a list of your community’s social influencers, find authors that write about relevant topics, and build relationships that enable you to create and share the right content to attract and retain customers. –Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute @JuntaJoe

3. Ask yourself this: Would your network THANK YOU for your content? The value in content marketing can be measured by how effective it is as providing a utility for your community, and at enabling people to learn and understand more about their objectives, and how to navigate through solutions to their problems. –Ann Handley, MarketingProfs @marketingprofs

4. There are solutions to the ongoing ‘gate debate.’ While there’s often pressure from marketing and demand generation to gate content to collect information on new leads, some content may end up not heavily consumed or shared because it’s behind a form. One option is to ‘summarize’ content that requires registration in the form of a blog post or other ungated content. –Michael Brenner, SAP @BrennerMichael

5. The content beast has a high metabolism, so keep feeding it! Content curation is comparable to art museum curating. Gallery owners find the best pieces of art from around the world, bring it together and juxtapose it appropriately. Marketers don’t necessarily have to create ‘new art,’ but add value to their prospect and customer communities by sharing it via different mediums like blogs or newsletters. –Pawan Deshpande, Curata @TweetsfromPawan

6. Return on Objective (ROO) is another way to think about ROI. Think of your content initiatives as the building blocks to conversion. ROI doesn’t always materialize at the very moment of consuming content, so to progress buyers through the funnel, marketers have to leverage content to give them other places to go and actions to take with other content. –Lee Odden, Top Rank Online Marketing @LeeOdden

7. You can’t nurture leads without content. If the goal of a lead nurture program is to connect with buyers and influence them at every stage of the cycle so they’ll keep your company top of mind, you have to consider what their pain points are, and develop and strategically deliver content that serves their purposes. –Christine Elliott, Crowe Horwath @Im_Christine44

8. Content is the fuel of your marketing automation rocket. Data matching and behavioral analytics helps you determine which content assets are most popular, which are being consumed across the web, and how people are reacting to it. Marketing automation helps you trigger timely response and engagement so you can loosen up the funnel. – Rob Yoegel @RobYoegel

9. Consider ‘Content Telemetry’ for measuring engagement scoring. Advancing the conversation of engagement metrics, telemetry is the highly automated communications process by which measurements are made of remote or inaccessible points, and transmitted to receiving equipment for monitoring. That’s a mouthful, but it has real relevance to marketing. It helps you re-envision engagement and turn analytics into insight, so you can trigger communications based on an earned score (by watching a video, skips, clicks, etc.) This can tie back to your marketing automation system, and be worked directly into your lead scoring schema. –Michael Kolowich, KnowledgeVision @MichaelKolowich

10. Infiltrate your buyers’ communities and amplify your social presence. Read what your buyers read, share valuable content across your social networks, and become known to buyers as someone who understands their industries and challenges, as well as how your services and solutions can help their business drive more revenue. Pinterest, Flickr, and Slideshare are just a few of many places to invest your time in sharing content to encourage sharing. –Jill Rowley, Oracle @Jill_Rowley


Looking for more content marketing insights? Check out these 8 content marketing ideas you haven’t tried. These 10 tips just scratch the surface of the event highlights, so check out all the ‘tweetable moments’ at #b2bcontentevent

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