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Interview: Joe Pulizzi On the State of Content Marketing

This week, the Content Marketing Institute released the second edition of the Content Marketing Playbook, an intensive guide to the tools and techniques content marketers are using this year.

This year, the playbook (Eloqua sponsored it) ordered the various methods of content marketing by popularity. I asked Joe Pulizzi, Executive Director of the Content Marketing Institute, about the playbook and what it says about content marketing today.

Why order the categories based on popularity?
The first year we just put the top 42 together based on categories: print, web, social, etc. This year, we wanted to get the community involved to have their say, and also refer their answers against our B2B Content Marketing Research. I think the combination works well.

Blogging remains number one. What do you think this says about blogging as a marketing medium, particularly given all the claims that blogging is dead?
First off, blogging is just a tool, nothing more, nothing less. That said, it is still an incredibly powerful tool that, when done right, propels sharing, gets found in search engines, and works as an efficient communication vehicle to both customers and prospects. Blogging is far from dead in our opinion, and our findings in our research and our survey to the CMI community shows that.

Given all the hype, I was surprised to see mobile apps at #19 and infographics at #38. Were you surprised at any that made the list? Were you surprised at any that didn’t?
First off, infographics is new and wasn’t ranked by the community.  It will be interesting to see what happens next year when the community has its say. Regarding mobile, I still think marketers are trying to figure mobile out. It’s still a relatively new phenomenon, especially when it comes to custom content creation through that channel. There are many different variables (including platforms) to consider with mobile, plus the limited area and attention you have in that platform.  But there is no doubt it’s on the rise.

Facebook pops up a lot. What do you think this says about marketers use of social media and level of willingness to try out new platforms?
Some of the top 42 have been around for decades while others are brand new. Facebook, like the others, is a powerful social media tool that works for some and not for others. Marketers always love the next new thing. Facebook has been the next new thing for a few years now. Marketers are still trying to figure out the right mix of content and promotion through that channel, especially on the B2B side.

You can read the Content Marketing Playbook for yourself by clicking the image below.


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