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3 Types of Content that Can Bring In More Leads

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Seth Lieberman, CEO of SnapApp, a marketing platform used by companies to easily create interactive content to generate leads and drive revenue across the web, mobile, social and email.

Content is king, and everyone is chasing the crown. It’s not enough to just create content anymore. To really stand out, content needs to be dynamic, interactive, and timely.

First you engage, then convince, and finally you can drive leads. Here are three types of content that can do the job.

Interactive Content
Interactive content might take the form of a poll or survey on an industry trend, or a contest for a new tagline or new product idea. There’s always the promise of participation and feedback. On average we see 82% completion rates for lead generation forms when used with interactive content.

By taking the time fill out a poll or a survey, a viewer naturally wants to see the results. If a person is taking a persona test to gauge how well a product or service fits his or her preferences, an exchange of contact information makes sense. Interactive content creates value in the interaction itself, actively earning the disclosure of lead information instead of passively requesting it.

Collaborative Content
No matter who you are, your content can only go so far alone. The involvement of others elevates it to the next level. With contests it might also be “bragging rights” or the thrill of being a part of something big that drives people to reach out to their networks on LinkedIn, Facebook Twitter and Pinterest.

For Eloqua, collaborative content has proven to be extremely effective in driving leads, most notably in the blog tree infographic series which directly generated 49 sales opportunities / closed deals in its first iteration, along with hundreds of inbound links, thousands of tweets and likes.

Real-Time Content
No matter the industry or objective, time is always a factor. The faster content can be created to ride the wave of high-profile trend, the greater the overall impact. The practice of newsjacking is a prime example of how content cleverly tied to big news stories can drive leads.

A thoughtful questionnaire on a trending topic, or a contest driven off a popular meme, can become front page material. The key is to be aware of what is trending and the speed to jump on it. Of course ultimately, it’s the ability to quickly deliver content tailored to what people want, when they want it, in the channel they prefer, that gives content marketers a serious competitive advantage.

For more enticing content marketing ideas, check out our Grande Guide to B2B Content Marketing.

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