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Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Going Beyond a Unique Open and Click

Is 20% a good open rate? What about a click-through rate of 5%? Well that depends on the industry you are in and what type of communications you're sending....

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Oracle Marketing Cloud

5 Key Ingredients of a Positive & Profitable Partner Experience

It’s never been more important to examine and improve partner relationships. The simple fact is, today’s partners have more suppliers and product lines to...

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy: How to Create Cross-Team Alignment

When it comes to B2B marketing, alignment across teams can make or break your ability to execute campaigns successfully. Unfortunately, with a diversity of...

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Modern Marketing Resources

Preview: 20 Social Media Marketing Statistics from Upcoming Industry Report

It is 2016 and we are still talking about social media marketing. Believe it or not, there are still companies that have not embraced social media as a means to...

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CMO Corner

Fifty Percent of CMOs Are Hopefully Optimistic About Personalization

Over the years I have been accused of being hyperbolic in the titles of my posts. Not often but more than once. I can honestly state here today without one...

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Marketing Automation

10 Marketing Automation Lessons from Bad Stock Photos

When you are using marketing automation to improve connections with your prospects and customers, you are always trying to do better. No matter how long you...

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Data Management

How Big Data Is Revolutionizing Marketing And Sales

Convergence and the power of data in modern marketingThis installment of the Friday Five — a collection of five curated articles from around the Internet, is...

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