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Combine Customer Interaction Data Across All Digital Channels in Oracle Infinity

In 2019, We Are Social and Hootsuite found that there were about 4.4 billion people online in the world. Online activities, such as shopping, researching, and watching videos, result in millions of digital interactions or “footprints” captured over time that could be used to create an accurate 360-degree view of a customer. This 360-degree view helps brands develop closer, experiential relationships with their customers to provide them more relevant and timely offers. This would include the products a customer has browsed, purchased and returned and the types of articles, reviews and messages they have read and shared all during the past 180 days would help personalize a relevant and interesting message more consistently across different channels

By analyzing customers’ digital footprints, you can identify clusters of customers with similar behavior to correlate their interactions that attributed to purchases and predict future opportunities to retarget those customers.

Accurately and efficiently collecting, processing, storing and analyzing billions of digital interactions requires a robust and scalable system that is easy to set up and use. Interaction data generally comes from multiple digital channels on various devices and must be collected and processed in real-time. Swift and accurate analysis of the data in turn accelerates the discovery of insight needed for creating and delivering most relevant content to a specific customer. For example, a customer who is browsing an online store for golf clubs may have recently clicked on an email link for a specific golf brand’s product and read reviews about the same product. Displaying a promotional discount about that product online and in an email message or a push notification might further motivate the customer to purchase those golf clubs.

Oracle Infinity is an advanced digital analytics platform for tracking, measuring and optimizing the customer behavior on many major brands’ websites and mobile apps. Built on a scalable big data platform, the platform collects very large volumes of valuable customer data and makes it available for real-time analytics, reporting, segmentation and streaming. The platform also has a popular integration with Oracle Responsys, called Rapid Retargeter, that triggers orchestrated customer journeys based on real-time interactions on the Web or mobile devices, e.g., page views or shopping cart abandonments.

This integration has now been expanded to inject data about customer interactions with Oracle Responsys-initiated messages, e.g., email, SMS and push, into the Oracle Infinity data lake. For example, as customers open emails, click on links or push buttons on apps, Oracle Responsys immediately injects the interaction data it collects (with unique customer identifiers) into the Oracle Infinity data lake. The platform subsequently correlates this new data with other data it is collecting for the same customers and makes the entire cross-channel data available for analytics, reporting, and streaming.

The addition of customer interaction data from email, SMS and push channels to the existing web data in the Oracle Infinity data lake expands and enriches the 360-degree view of customers. This in turn enables a more accurate analysis and reporting of customer digital footprints along with more effective targeting and hyper-personalization of content across all digital channels. For example, it is now possible to find and retarget customers from California who visited a web page about a specific golf club and opened an email and clicked on a link about that same golf club.

This new data integration is available free of charge to Oracle customers that have subscriptions to both Oracle Infinity and Responsys.


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