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How Cloud Connectors Can Guide Your Campaign Strategy

December 20, 2013 By: Contributor

Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Brandi Starr, the enthusiastic quirky modern marketer and true EloQUEEN, AKA Senior Marketing Manager at Sage. Brandi is responsible for cross-selling to the existing Sage ERP installed base. Sage offers business management software that gives small and medium size businesses the freedom and confidence to run their own businesses. Follow Brandi on Twitter @SageStarr.

As marketers there is always pressure to develop new and innovative campaigns. Brilliant ideas tend to come when they want to but not always when we need them. A great way to support campaign development is to “work backwards,” or allow integrated technologies to guide the process. In fact, over the past two years, three of my quarterly campaigns have begun when I was introduced to a cloud connector and thought “wouldn’t it be cool if…”. Here are two examples of how our team has leveraged Eloqua Cloud Connectors as the starting point for cross-sell campaigns at Sage:

Example 1: Personalization & Competition Using the WebEx Cloud Connector

At Sage we use WebEx as our online meeting provider; however we had not used the cloud connector as a part of our campaigns, which still left some manual processes whenever webcasts were included in a campaign. Marketing our endorsed solutions is a part of my responsibility, but due to the assortment of products it was difficult to market them individually.  Our marketing team needed a way to give each partner an equal presence without inundating our customers with too many emails. As I read more about the WebEx cloud connector it gave me an idea of a way to market all of the endorsed solutions, personalize my message, and offer an incentive for participation. My campaign “Driving Your Business Forward with Sage Endorsed Solutions” offered 3-6 webcasts for each Endorsed Partner over a 6-month period, allowing me to market the series as opposed to each partner individually.

The ‘Register Attendee’ connector allowed me to use a form to manage the event registrations creating consistency in the overall campaign design. But the magic happens in the ‘Query Attendance’ connector that looks at each contact in that step of the program and queries WebEx to see if they attended and for how long. Because I know how long they attended I was able to personalize my message offering different follow up emails to those who did not attend (Sorry we missed you), those who joined but dropped off early (Was this webcast not right for you?), and those who stayed for the majority of the webcast (Thank you for attending). In addition to the personalization I offered an incentive for participation.  Each webcast that a customer attends equals an entry into a sweepstakes to win a trip to Las Vegas and an ultimate driving experience, where winners are able to win a seat behind the wheel of three exotic cars. For this campaign attendance is defined as attending the webcast for more than 20 minutes.

Example 2: Too Much Content to Present Solved by LookBook HQ

Our strategy for this fiscal year is to market our solutions based on the challenges that they solve. Four key challenges were identified and the solutions were aligned to each. One of the four pillars includes five products, each having a number of available assets that can be used in a campaign. Brainstorming campaign ideas can overwhelming, particularly because we needed to present a lot of information up front and let the customer “self-identify” which products may be of interest to them. I stumbled across LookBook HQ at Eloqua Experience and had an “ah-ha” moment. A LookBook presents content visually using a tiled format. It can be used in emails, landing pages, and on social media to present multiple assets at once. Although we are still in the planning stage of this campaign I am excited about the opportunity to work with LookBook. My intent is to use a series of LookBooks to present different assets, customers who identify the content was valuable will be sent product specific follow up communications to generate leads.

What can you develop by leveraging the Eloqua Cloud Connectors? Check out the AppCloud on Topliners to browse the different categories and available apps. Is there a way that you can incent your target audience to take action using the SnapApp or Amazon Gift Card connectors? How can you leverage the power of social media with the Twitter, Facebook, or Social Sharing connectors? There are more than 100 cloud connector options to help guide your next campaign.

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