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  • July 11, 2007

Choosing the best day of the week to email: Executive Summary

Which day of the week you send your email on can have a major impact on your open and clickthrough rates. And the choice of that day is influenced by how many emails you send in a particular week and what your competitors are doing with their campaigns. While in some cases your competitors are creating competition for attention in your subscribers’ inboxes, in other cases their collective wisdom may give you a signal as to which days you may want to choose for your own launches. Whether you want to avoid them or go with the pack, it’s definitely helpful to know what your competitors are up to.

With that in mind, I’ve mined data collected on 104 major online retailers tracked via RetailEmail.Blogspot during a 26-week period (Dec. 30, 2006, through June 29, 2007) to determine the most popular days of the week to send emails. The resulting 6-page reportlet includes an overall day-selection analysis, plus day-selection analysis when one, two, three and four emails a week are sent. In each case, there’s a chart showing the participation rate for each day of the week so it’s easy to see exactly how popular each day is in reference to the other days of the week.

Visit the Whitepaper Room to download “Choosing the Best Day of the Week to Email,” which is free for EEC members and available for a nominal charge to non-members. Not a member? Learn more about becoming a member of the Email Experience Council.

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