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[Chart] 90% of Visitors to EU Cookie Law Site Don’t Opt-in

Friday, June 24, 2011

Author: Contributor

What a difference a month makes! On May 25 all the countries within the European Union were supposed to enact a directive requiring anyone doing business in the region to get opt-in permission to track consumers online. Already the United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has seen a steep drop off on visitor tracking.

Last week, Google Analytics expert, Vicky Brock, posted this chart showing that since the UK implemented its own version of the law the ICO can only track 10% of visitors to its site with the Google Analytics cookie.

Such a steep drop off certainly illuminates the new challenges EU organizations face with the updated privacy regulations. But, more importantly, it demonstrates the need for businesses to clearly and compellingly explain why they want to track visitors’ online behavior to deliver only relevant content.

Organizations doing business in the EU should review exactly what the laws state about using various tracking mechanisms, craft messaging that details why you want to track the user and how you’ll use the data, and perform A/B testing to see what messaging is having the most positive impact among users.

With sharp marketing, you can lively avoid such sharp drop offs.

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