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The Characteristics of a Marketing Automation Expert [Infographic]

Michael Azrikan
Digital Campaign Manager

Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Amanda Nelson, Director of Marketing at RingLead, where she leads the content marketing strategy and execution. She has spent the last three years in content marketing and community management at salesforce.com and Radian6, and has a background in account management for interactive and full service advertising agencies. Follow her on Twitter at @amandalnelson.

What does it take to become a marketing automation expert? Whether you're a little bit geeky, a flowchart freak or just a fan of learning and sharing knowledge, you can rock your marketing automation programs with just a few key qualities. 

Here are the characteristics of a true marketing automation expert.

Traffic Cop- A marketing automation expert works at the intersection of sales, marketing and technology. The marketing automation expert is not an engineer, but has learned how technology systems work, can handle databases, and understands the impact of marketing automation across the organization.

A Bit Geeky- Databases are an integral part of how we all market today. Your marketing automation platform collects data, organizes it for you, and provides that data to you at your request. Therefore, marketing automation experts understand database concepts. You don’t necessarily have to know SQL or how to code, but you do have to know the concepts behind them.

Play to Learn- Marketing automation experts understand how they learn, and they play to learn. They learn technology by getting entrenched in the systems, asking questions and trying different things. Can I set up a workflow that sends five emails every three days? Can I get the technology to only send on Monday through Friday at 7am? If they can’t figure it out, then they look at the documentation, they ask someone, and they learn the system.

Fun with Flowcharts- Marketing automation experts use flowcharts. They know how to map out their plan. You can draw arrows on a whiteboard, or map it out in detail in Visio. Either way, lay out the marketing automation process before you develop it inside of your marketing automation platform.

As you develop the workflow automation in your platform, you can create a more complex program over time. Having a flowchart with clear triggers, choices, and processes will help you document what you did, explain it to others, as well as enable you to go back and reference areas when something goes wrong.

Check out this infographic to learn the characteristics necessary to become a marketing automation master.

Share the knowledge! You can talk to your Eloqua admins in the Topliners community; you can talk to Support, and you can find people who have been publishing how-tos and other helpful information. As you learn from these experts, you become one.

A marketing automation expert helps others get up to speed and shares their knowledge. If you keep the knowledge to yourself, no one is going to know your level of expertise. You can’t become an expert unless other people know about it.

What other marketing automation qualities would you add?

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