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  • June 3, 2014

BMA Keynote Recap: GE and Perpetual Motion Marketing

Editors Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Kimberly Peters and Vanessa Shayan, Marketing Advisors with the Oracle Marketing Cloud Success Program (MCSP). MCSP gives Oracle Marketing Cloud customers a clear path to success by leveraging various tools and service provided at no cost to help them achieve their goals and implement key marketing practices.

Beth Comstock, Chief Marketing Officer at GE, kicked off the Business Marketing Association 2014 Conference in Chicago. She also was being inducted in the New York AMA 2014 Marketing Hall of Fame later that evening in New York.  She is clearly in high demand and a great marketer; her message had immediate impact on the audience of B2B marketers. GE has always focused on progress and impact. "We don’t just dream in color, we dream in scale,” she noted. “We love big for all the impact it brings.”  At GE they focus on moving themselves and their customers from the industrial to the digital revolution and they do this through innovation.  We have to move to where the world is going to be.”

So how does GE market? Comstock says, B2B doesn't mean boring to boring.  Business marketing should be personal and emotional. GE’s “core tenants of good marketing” are:

  1. Know thyself – always aspire to be more, to be better. You can’t be something you are not.

  2. Know the customer – what do you do for them? Why should they care?

  3. Innovate – stay in motion. If you stand to long you will die.

Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, said the CMO must be a vital operating function to drive organic growth, to connect the dots in valuable ways, and Comstock has taken that to heart. So, their marketing efforts should be as innovative as the products themselves, she said.

Another great GE formula is: Create great content + Right time, right place + Amp through conversation = SHOUT LOUDER THEN WE SPEND. Make your content matter, tell a story, and put it in the right channels where your audience can easily access it. It is about creating a moment to help build awareness and reach enthusiast and they will amplify your message. Some examples are #SpringBreakit; Gravity Day, #6secondscience.

The final key is accountability and this comes to GE by asking two main questions: 

  1. How do we make it easier for our salesforce and product teams to engage and understand our customer?
  2. How do we make it easier for the customer to find long-term value from GE?

    It is exciting to be a marketer today as there is a significant responsibility to bring impact to their companies., If we know thyself, know the customer, and innovate, we will keep moving our marketing and our customers’ successes forward. Most importantly, keep moving and don’t stand still!

Check out the BMA Keynote Presentation and other event resources, and follow the event hashtag on Twitter #BMA14.


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