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  • March 3, 2010

Bird Watching: Whether to send unsubscribe confirmation emails

If you’re not on Twitter yet, here are the kinds of conversations that you’re missing:

@justinpremick >> What are your thoughts on sending an email to someone after they unsub to confirm they've unsubbed? I just rec'd one & I don't like it.

@spamtacularcom >> @justinpremick I generally advise against unsub confirmation messages for just that reason: recipients tend not to like it.

@jtotheburke >> @justinpremick I agree with you. However, I do suggest using the pref form to promote social media (Twitter, FB, etc) options...

@gl3media >> @justinpremick A pet peeve of mine. If I unsub, it's because I don't have any interest in why you have to say.

@aliverson >> @justinpremick I agree with Mickey. It does seem to cause spam complaints...but it's been a few years since I've seen a client do it.

@ohsusantull >> RT @spamtacularcom: @justinpremick I generally advise against unsub confirmation messages forthat reason: recipients tend not to like it.

@justinpremick >> Thanks @spamtacularcom @jtotheburke @gl3media @aliverson @ohsusantull. Seems it should be done on the page you see upon unsub, not via email

@RetailEmailBlog >> @aliverson @justinpremick Regretfully, opt-out confirmations are sent by quite a few major retailers.

@justinpremick >> @RetailEmailBlog I wonder if any of them track what happens w/those messages. Would love to see stats on complaints, resubs.

@wise_laura >> @RetailEmailBlog Sadly a lot of folks that do confirmations don't actually effectively honor unsubscribes

@wise_laura >> @RetailEmailBlog I kinda like the opt-out confirmations. When I get more mail I have a record of when I opted out in my inbox.

@aliverson >> @justinpremick @RetailEmailBlog i like Laura's point that it helps you bust the sender if they email you again later.

@RetailEmailBlog >> @wise_laura Perhaps it should be presented as an option: "Would you like us to email you a confirmation of your unsubscribe?"

@RetailEmailBlog >> @wise_laura My tests don't show a correlation between confirmation emails and failed opt-outs--at least among retailers.

@wise_laura >> @RetailEmailBlog I suspect my correlations are observational bias. But, still, it's nice to have they "oh, I did opt-out on [date]"

@PolylineCorp >> @RetailEmailBlog I send unsub confirmations on rare ocassions when I have to MANUALLY remove someone from our mailing list.

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