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  • April 24, 2009

Bird Watching: Top or bottom placement of unsubscribe link?

If you’re not on Twitter yet, here are the kinds of conversations that you’re missing:

@banane >> ok email people- what is really new in the email industry? I'm suffering from no-new-news-fatigue

@LorenMcDonald >> @banane Not "news" - but at email event last night, 65/65 emailers agreed that putting unsub link at top of email was a FAIL

@covati >> @LorenMcDonald That's very interesting, unsub at top is FAIL because they are afraid they are doing a bad job? Be proud of prominent unsub!

@MarkatEMR >> @LorenMcDonald I'm surprised. Was that their subjective opinion or based on tests they'd done?

@jacaldwell >> RT @MarkatEMR: @LorenMcDonald Was subjective opinion or based on tests they'd done? (jac: i'm leaning 2 @covati re: afraid - or bosses)

@stylecampaign >> @LorenMcDonald What about the decrease in Spam complaints with a more prominent unsub?

@RetailEmailBlog >> @covati My opinion on unsub links at top is changing. Better to use it selectively. A top-mounted preference update link is a better idea.

@RetailEmailBlog >> To @MarkatEMR 's point, a top-mounted unsub link is worthy of testing for many marketers, esp. for subscribers from certain sources.

@jacaldwell >> RT @RetailEmailBlog: @covati unsub links @ top is changing. use selectively. top-mounted preference update link a better idea. (jac: agree!)

@4Stefan >> @LorenMcDonald I'm stunned. I would guess this is because they have no faith in delivering relevant content

@MarkatEMR >> Agree that top unsub is not a black/white issue. Thought Loren's article covered the nuances very well: http://idek.net/8QK

@stylecampaign >> @campaignmonitor place their unsub at the top, see post http://tinyurl.com/d27dmq (worth testing)

@LorenMcDonald >> @stylecampaign well one exception that most agreed on, was if U have spam cmplaint issue with specific ISP, segment - then 1 time/limited

@LorenMcDonald >> @MarkatEMR Was mostly opinion, but 1 sentiment was that subscribers hit spam button before they open the email; so pointless anyway

@LorenMcDonald >> @covati @MarkatEMR @stylecampaign @jacaldwell we've trained peeps 2 look in footer; better 2 put change prefs link near top, not unsub

@RetailEmailBlog >> @LorenMcDonald We've definitely trained folks to look to footer for unsub link. If you use 1 at top, it should be in addition to 1 in footer

@jacaldwell >> @LorenMcDonald @MarkatEMR @stylecampaign my previous testing led me 2 use top 2 direct 2 footer for prefs/unsub

@LorenMcDonald >> @covati @MarkatEMR @stylecampaign @jacaldwell my personal advice on unsub link was in a recent Email Insider post - http://ow.ly/3IFY

@LorenMcDonald >> @4Stefan Well maybe some folks held back, but all cited the reasons in my previous Tweets; but 2 put unsub at top when spam complaint issues

@stylecampaign >> @RetailEmailBlog Agree that you need to keep unsub on bottom also. I've one on bot and a more prominent one on side in my newsletter...

@covati >> @LorenMcDonald re: unsub at top of email - I wouldn't replace the footer unsub, just augment it. I agree a prefs center link at top is good.

@BenchmarkEmail >> RT @MarkatEMR: Agree that top unsub is not a black/white issue. Thought Loren's article covered the nuances very well: http://idek.net/8QK

@DylanMailz >> @RetailEmailBlog I think that as with whitelisitng instr. u should only give top placement on initial mailings, special circumstances etc.
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