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  • February 10, 2011

Bird Watching: QR codes in emails?

If you’re not on Twitter yet, here are the kinds of conversations that you’re missing:

@RetailEmailBlog: Just read: http://bit.ly/ewezsd Sadly, barcodes are rare in retail emails and I've never seen a QR code in one.

@timbay: @retailemailblog Is it because a link or an image with a link would work just as well if the objective is to get someone to a URL?

@stylecampaign: @RetailEmailBlog Check out this retail email with a QR code http://twitpic.com/31x913

@RetailEmailBlog: Interesting but I don't see advantage RT @stylecampaign: @RetailEmailBlog Check out this retail email with QR code http://twitpic.com/31x913

@kristengreg: @RetailEmailBlog @stylecampaign Yes, I would rather click a link in a message...Not sure anyone would have that printed out for any reason.

@KNLorenz: @stylecampaign Hmm. I'm not sure about QR codes in email. Extra step, no? What do you think? cc @retailemail blog

@kristengreg: @RetailEmailBlog @stylecampaign I guess idea is if you want to visit new mobile site right now on your phone while looking on a desktop.

@KNLorenz: *@retailemailblog Stinkin' space bar. Just saw that you stole the words out of my mouth re: QR codes

@EmailGirl: @RetailEmailBlog we embed unique barcodes for tracking offline sales. It's key to justifying email channel to in-store stakeholders.

@RetailEmailBlog: @EmailGirl Barcodes are definitely great way to attribute in-store sales to email. But using QR code as gateway to mobile site seems odd.

@RetailEmailBlog: @kristengreg Why not pull up the email on your mobile device and click through to mobile site via a link? QR code seems to solve non-problem

@EmailGirl: @RetailEmailBlog I agree. QR code in email doesn't make sense. If they open an email they are already engaged online. QR belongs in print

@kristengreg: @RetailEmailBlog You're right. I think this is a great example of good intentions to be cutting edge gone pointless. E for effort? :)

@andrewrobinson: @RetailEmailBlog QR codes are only good at taking offline to online, little real world application in emails!

@stylecampaign: Can't see huge QR benefit. @justinpremick & I admitted we check email on mobile while on desktop @kristengreg @KNLorenz @RetailEmailBlog

@Lukes_Tweets: Looks like an opportunity there to stand out! RT @retailemailblog: Just read: http://bit.ly/ewezsd Sadly...I've never seen a QR code in one

@timbay: @knlorenz @retailemailblog I'm confused. Why would u take a picture of QR code in an email vs. clicking a link (esp. if email is on phone)?

@RetailEmailBlog: @timbay The consensus seems to be that there's really no advantage to using a QR code in an email.

@timbay: @retailemailblog Gotcha - thanks. Maybe we'll still give it a try with one of our clients to see if we get any results.

@KNLorenz: @timbay Doesn't make sense to me either. I love QR codes, but not appropriate in email IMO

@remybergsma: @stylecampaign @justinpremick @kristengreg @KNLorenz @RetailEmailBlog I actually see big QR benefit in offline media - mags, papers etc.

@justinpremick: .@remybergsma Agreed re: offline. But putting QR in an email is pointless IMO. cc: @stylecampaign @kristengreg @KNLorenz @RetailEmailBlog

@iamelliot: @justinpremick @remybergsma @stylecampaign @kristengreg @knlorenz @retailemailblog had same discussion offline today, agree mostly not4email

@iamelliot: @justinpremick @remybergsma @stylecampaign @kristengreg @knlorenz @retailemailblog QR is good for app download emails tho http://j.mp/fTSmBP

@remybergsma: @iamelliot that is one of the exceptions indeed :)

@remybergsma: @kristengreg well, the trouble with email is: you can click links and images. QR only uses up valuable space. Apps = nice tho re: @iamelliot

@iamelliot: @remybergsma @kristengreg I think it works to bridge the desktop/print to mobile gap, but anything else there's a better solution

@remybergsma: @iamelliot one place digital I could see QR get big is lcd displays in stores with themes: scan QR, get X $$ off this / that product

@KNLorenz: @remybergsma I don't agree! No QR code for app download - just send me to the download via a link or button

@remybergsma: @KNLorenz but how do you click download if you're browsing on your computer, but want app on mobile? ;) QR helps there methinks.

@remybergsma: @KNLorenz Well, I must admit: I've downloaded 3 apps and 1 update on my Android phone in last 4 weeks w/ QR code scan.. so :)

@KNLorenz: @remybergsma If it's an iPhone (don't have droid or other Smart phone), you can download to computer then phone seamlessly

@remybergsma: @KNLorenz ahh, the iTunes stuff. Sorry but I've had very bad iTunes experiences with iPod Touch and iPhone :)

@remybergsma: @iamelliot one place digital I could see QR get big is lcd displays in stores with themes: scan QR, get X $$ off this / that product

@KNLorenz: @iamelliot Do you really need a QR code to download app? Again, it's adding unnecessary extra steps when could just be click to download

@iamelliot: @remybergsma @kristengreg I think it works to bridge the desktop/print to mobile gap, but anything else there's a better solution

@iamelliot: @KNLorenz if the email is on a desktop then it helps pass the info to mobile, otherwise agree, link is better

@KNLorenz: @iamelliot I'm not sold, but would be willing to test it re: QR codes in email for apps cc @remybergsma

@remybergsma: @KNLorenz I think (but that's an imho of course) that you'd find the experience quite effective and a nice cross integration of tech :)

@iamelliot: @remybergsma agree, but there needs to be more mainstream take-up and it's in competition with geolocation

@TimRoman: @RetailEmailBlog You can see my reaction as the first comment on the article about the QR codes.

@SitaP1: @RetailEmailBlog @stylecampaign also Net-a-Porter.com & TheOutnet.com ran campaigns with QR codes

@SitaP1: @RetailEmailBlog http://yfrog.com/h3ah3iwj

@SitaP1: @RetailEmailBlog CTA was beautifully presented in the middle of the email. Much better explanation of the uses (cont) http://tl.gd/8nfskt

@SitaP1: @retailemailblog I preferred this to ASOS's use of the QR code. Do love the Net-a-Porter email campaigns

@satonaka_tw: @RetailEmailBlog @EmailGirl compared to other countries, here in Japan QR code is much popular but I've never seen QR code on e-mail.

@satonaka_tw: @RetailEmailBlog @SitaP1 you'll see QR everywhere in Japan even on the rap of hamburger you guys feel it's weird? http://bit.ly/fdlLma

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