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  • August 7, 2009

Bird Watching: FTAF vs. SWYN

If you’re not on Twitter yet, here are the kinds of conversations that you’re missing:

@RetailEmailBlog >> Reportlet: FTAF vs. SWYN - The State of Email Sharing http://tr.im/vLZM

@MarkatEMR >> Fwd to friend links 4x more common than share-with-network links in retailer mails http://idek.net/Nmg Why? Implementation issue?

@justinpremick >> @MarkatEMR i think FTAF appears more due to inertia. FTAF is "older," likely to have been used for yrs. switching costs (time, ppl, etc).

@LorenMcDonald >> @MarkatEMR re FTAF vs S2S - not all ESPs have S2S built in; not easy 2 build it on ur own; & FTAF is legacy - already in majority of emails

@RetailEmailBlog >> @LorenMcDonald @justinpremick @MarkatEMR Is consumer education about SWYN the other thing holding up adoption?

@tabsharani >> @LorenMcDonald @MarkatEMR : Legacy yes, but dont C FTAF as effective as SWYN. Issue w/swyn, is relevance.cn we segment swyn? thots?

@MarkatEMR >> @RetailEmailBlog @LorenMcDonald @justinpremick Would expect lack of consumer education to limit use, thus maybe implementation, but...

@MarkatEMR >> @RetailEmailBlog @LorenMcDonald @justinpremick ...also lack of marketer understanding? Agree on implementation, legacy issues, inertia

@LorenMcDonald >> @RetailEmailBlog Agreed on consumer ed - more marketers will incorp S2S/SWYN if they believe recipients will understand/share & get results

@LorenMcDonald >> @tabsharani Re relevance of S2S/SWYN - segmentation is self-selecting - U know UR audience & include the right key social networks....

@LorenMcDonald >> @tabsharani ...but then can identify your high-value sharers over time and segment your emails to target and reward them

@MarkatEMR >> @LorenMcDonald ...agree, plus future is crosschannel analytics. I know Fred also follows us on twitter...so include Tweet this links.

@LorenMcDonald >> @MarkatEMR et al Also think many marketers aren't sure "their" subscribers are active socially; & R unclear on the ROI of S2S/SWYN

@LorenMcDonald >> @djwaldow - nice to see you adopting the email "shareworthy term in your blog today - we love the term :-) http://bit.ly/K6N9K

@MarkatEMR >> @LorenMcDonald Plus SWYN links raise expectations of sender's social presence, which not all can/want to meet just yet?

@RetailEmailBlog >> @LorenMcDonald @MarkatEMR At this point, enough marketers have a presence on social networks to have a feel for subscriber interest.

@RetailEmailBlog >> @MarkatEMR Interesting thought about raising expectations about social presences. But don't think that's true...

@RetailEmailBlog >> @MarkatEMR Many more retailers using "join our community" appeals in their emails than using SWYN. So they're already setting expectations

@MarkatEMR >> @RetailEmailBlog Interesting. Suggests convinced readers are active on social networks, so SWYN likely to explode soon (?)

@LorenMcDonald >> @RetailEmailBlog @MarkatEMR One thing for certain, we - @Silverpop - have seen off-the-chart adoption by clients of the S2S/SWYN feature

@justinpremick >> @RetailEmailBlog @MarkatEMR @LorenMcDonald no stats to back this up, but c'mon... consumers don't know what Facebook is nowadays? *pfft*

@justinpremick >> @MarkatEMR @RetailEmailBlog @LorenMcDonald marketers may be holding back due to being unsure which N(s) to include in SWYN for their subs

@MarkatEMR >> @justinpremick Heavy Internet users like us always overestimate how comfortable others are with "simple" things like "share this" links

@LorenMcDonald >> @djwaldow re "shareworthy" Peggy Reinders @Silverpop came up w/ term, I thnk I was 1st 2 use it in print - I had come up w/ "virability" :-(

@LorenMcDonald >> @justinpremick Peeps may know what FB, etc is - but the concept of "email sharing links" is still a very new concept

@LorenMcDonald >> @justinpremick ... regarding which social networks to include in emails - U start with the biggies, obvious ones & see which ones they use

@justinpremick >> @LorenMcDonald @MarkatEMR true re: sharing links vs knowing about network but can't you make same argument re: FTAF? ppl don't know h/t use?

@justinpremick >> @LorenMcDonald agree 100%. start with FB, Twit, Delicious. maybe also StumbleUpon, Digg.

@LorenMcDonald >> @justinpremick No I disagree on FTAF - been around for15 yrs?; & is also functionality (forward) in all email clients - "share" is very new

@stylecampaign >> @justinpremick @LorenMcDonald Agree with big 2 - looked at 45 retailers 40 had Facebook, 30 Twitter + 11 Myspace http://tinyurl.com/d7vpts

@justinpremick >> @LorenMcDonald i guess i was thinking of FTAF link (to online form) vs. using actual fwd email function (which i agree is totally usable)

@stylecampaign >> @RetailEmailBlog What about Share vs. follow? @cafepress do both http://tinyurl.com/m3d65o ( Prefer soft approach of follow, less pushy )

@RetailEmailBlog >> @stylecampaign 30% of retailers include a "join our community" appeal vs. 12% using SWYN. Both have their purpose.

@stylecampaign >> @RetailEmailBlog Thx I guess Join Our Community is easier to implement than Share as few ESPs have SWYN feature + DIY hacks not widely known
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