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  • May 17, 2010

Bird Watching: Are personalized greetings worthwhile?

If you’re not on Twitter yet, here are the kinds of conversations that you’re missing:

@mostew >> Including a person's first name used to increased response, now I think it's just a red flag for spam #emailgeek

@djwaldow >> Agreed! RT @mostew: Including a person's first name used to increased response, now I think it's just a red flag for spam #emailgeek

@bostonmarketer >> @djwaldow really? do you have data on that?

@djwaldow >> @bostonmarketer I do not, but I bet @mostew and/or @RetailEmailBlog both do. I've blogged about it before. Just bleeds IMpersonal to me.

@bostonmarketer >> @djwaldow but how would a standard salutation be more personal?

@coskier >> @mostew In subject line, or in the email body, or it doesn't matter? (first name thing)

@djwaldow >> @bostonmarketer I think (just opinion, no data to support) that first name personalization (esp in subj line) is hokey. Talking mktg emails

@mostew >> @bostonmarketer @djwaldow for subject lines, 5 yrs ago 1st name = good. 2 yrs ago #s showed 0 diff. My opinion that it's
@mostew >> @coskier in the subject line especially. In the body, not as bad.

@coskier >> @mostew Good to know, have had some people asking to do it in the subject, but I have been hesitant.

@bostonmarketer >> @mostew thx. But what abou body of email?

@mostew >> @bostonmarketer depens on copy. Is it forced or does it make sense? "Dear Morgan" feels forced. Name assoc with my account makes sense.

@RetailEmailBlog >> @bostonmarketer Depends on content in email. Personalized greetings ring false in mass mailings, but can enhance targeted/triggered emails.

@bostonmarketer >> @mostew I mean "Dear Morgan" type. Is this your personal feeling, or is this overall?

@bostonmarketer >> @RetailEmailBlog wow... have you done research on that?

@RetailEmailBlog >> @bostonmarketer Nothing formal, but that's what we've observed with our clients regarding personalized greetings.

@mostew >> @bostonmarketer "Dear Morgan" doesn't make any difference (done test)-"Dear Customer" when FName is unknown is a problem. Net = why bother?

@RetailEmailBlog >> @bostonmarketer Agree w/ @mostew. Plus, flubbing a personalized greeting makes it super impersonal. I see that error pretty often.

@KNLorenz >> Personalized greeting: I don't get the appeal unless B2B or transactional. Use info you do have beyond name to personalize @retailemailblog

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