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A B2B Marketer’s Wish List for 2012

Another year is quickly passing, and with it annual marketing plans are coming to a close. With the holidays drawing close and New Year’s on the horizon, B2B marketers’ minds are already on next year.

So what would be on the B2B marketer’s wish list for 2012? I venture some thoughts below.

1. A happy and healthy relationship with the sales team
A good dynamic between marketing and sales can be the gift that keeps on giving. More high value leads, smoother transitions from stage to stage in the sales funnel and increased conversions are only a few perks of well aligned marketing and sales teams.

2. Integrated apps
With so many different platforms, forums, channels, etc to engage prospects and customers online, having one tool to pull it all together can be a huge time saver – not to mention a sanity saver as well. Whether it’s escaping “post-it note purgatory” or filtering out unfavorable leads, a marketer can have a little fun while also becoming more effective with marketing application integration.

3. Active and impassioned brand advocates
It can be difficult to get people excited about a brand – especially in the B2B space. But when people do become excited advocates it can mean a lot to a marketer in “return on relationship” which can yield additional traffic, referrals, higher Net Promoter Scores and better customer retention rates. Plus, a good tweet or post from a brand advocate will always bring a smile to a marketer’s face.

4. An email in every inbox
Having a campaign reach the inbox and be seen by human eyes is the bread and butter of many b2b marketers. With a solid knowledge of deliverability and privacy a marketer can find peace of mind in knowing that every email will be going to the right person, at the right time and in response to the right actions.

5. A fast moving sales funnel
For marketers who have “the need for speed” in taking prospects from initial interest to close, the keys to a faster moving sales cycle can be exactly the right fit. Focusing on one of five revenue performance indicators called “velocity” marketers can do exactly that and drive fast paced revenue.

6. Content that rules
Studies have shown that b2b marketers are doing very well at churning out high quantities of content, but where they often fall short is in quality. For 2012, however, content will rule by merit, and marketers will need to find ways to earn the attention of their audience – as opposed to stealing it. Great examples of engaging and effective content can also serve as a guide to both the audience and the industry, so for next year, marketers will hope to give just as much value as they receive.

There are just a few ideas of the big goals and hopes of B2B marketers. But you’re in B2B marketing, right? Tell us what you’re big wishes are for 2012 in the comments below.

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