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Chart: The Holidays are Hot for B2B

Think B2C has the corner on holiday marketing? Think again.

We all know that the last couple of months of the year are when consumer companies start targeting our wallets in anticipation of holiday shopping. It makes sense that B2C companies push out more emails and see greater page views during the holiday season than their B2B counterparts.

Not so fast.

Data pulled from Eloqua shows that B2C companies deploy substantially more emails during the holiday season – a 28% jump in November and December compared to August and September. Accordingly, potential customers check out the businesses’ web properties in larger numbers.

b2b-marketing-holidaysWhat’s surprising is just how much action B2B companies see around the holidays. As you can see in the above chart, B2B brands actually deploy fewer emails in November and December. But the number of page views of those companies digital assets see a big bump in the holiday season – a 13% jump in November and December when compared to the rest of the year.

Clearly, the holidays are a hot season for B2B brands, too. Prospects are taking the time during this hectic season to educate themselves about B2B products and services.

B2B brands should do their best to take advantage of this movement. If they have marketing automation set up in their organization, then they can track prospects’ web visits and online behavior. They can also establish lead nurturing based on that behavior and ensure prospects get the assets they need at every stage of the buying cycle.

Whether you’re in B2C or B2B, we want to wish you Happy Holidays – and a prosperous New Year!

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