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8 Content Marketing Ideas You Haven't Tried

Today’s guest post was written by Amanda F. Batista, a freelance writer, editor and content developer. As the former Managing Editor of DemandGen Report, Amanda covered the latest technology, trends and development in the marketing automation technology space, as well as the sales and marketing strategies central to demand generation.

Have you flawlessly planned and executed white paper campaigns? Maybe even driven real results by garnering click-throughs and page views galore? Are you a rock star who can walk the modern marketing walk by tying your content initiatives to your overall ROI?

Conversely, maybe you’re falling short of meeting your content objectives — perhaps struggling to effectively blueprint your nurturing strategy or missing that perfect collateral to help seal the deal after prospects and customers take action? Never fear a content conundrum — here are 8 fresh content marketing ideas to recharge your engagement and demand generation strategy:

1. Tap the wisdom of your company’s own crowd
No, not your customers —you’ve already got an arsenal of case studies and testimonials. But your staff —those on the front line of marketing, can be your greatest resources. Garner feedback from engineers, product developers and other key users and service-oriented company personnel who can speak to your product suite’s true value from a use-case scenario perspective. Use that feedback as fodder for your next content campaign.

2. Focus content campaigns on up or cross selling existing customers
Tie a drip nurture campaign specific to an upcoming release or launch and progressively engage relevant prospects (aka your current customers) to generate interest, measure expectation, and maximize the impact of the launch. By providing more top-of-the-funnel focused engagement offers, such as contests, videos and infographics, your marketing team can generate buzz and gauge demand to appropriately allocate resources for the official launch.

3. Develop an “About Us” campaign based on buyer personas
Modern content marketers are equipped with an arsenal of customer demographical data — so use it! Leverage the hard work and knowledge you’ve put into developing your buyer personas and create content collateral that focuses specifically on user case study examples. While many marketers have done this generically (i.e. “Meet Jane, the Director of Demand Generation”) you can create custom “About Us” profile to demonstrate how a particular line of business title (i.e. CMO, sales person, etc.) maximizes their work by using your product or service.

4. Maximize your event footprint with an interactive Foursquare promo
With more than 3 billion check-ins happening every day on the location-based social network, it’s a goldmine for engagement. During your next physical event, integrate Foursquare calls-to-action into your pre and during event collateral to encourage prospects and customers to check in and become part of your company’s community. Even more fun if you’re hosting or sponsoring a meal or reception event.

5. Maximize your metrics
Take a cue from PR pros and ensure you’re giving legs to all these significant metrics that you’re tracking as part of overall marketing. Decide the most relevant stats to your user base and incorporate them into your content. For instance, if you track customer service response times or set customer service target, don’t relegate them to a formal press release. Pepper those figures in all your campaign collateral. If you can’t share hard numbers, focus on momentum and value-based information, such as how your new customers are leveraging the solution for specific tasks.

6. Translate your blueprint strategy of current keywords and calls-to-action
You’ve already done the legwork to develop your SEO strategy, but translate those insights into a more results-driven content campaign. Integrate these words into your blog and social media posts, your market proposition plan and anything going out on the web, really. This may change along with your keywords and phrases.

7. Create a content marketing campaign inspired by current or classic pop culture
Any effective content marketing strategist keeps one theory close: that we’re all consumers. We all like to laugh, and imagery that conjures up emotion hits close to home. Happy conversions are the best kind! Take a cue from a cool example by Open View Labs, which offers 5 Marketing Lessons from The Muppets.

8. Implement a system for connecting the dots of your content across all marketing channels
Some sophisticated marketers have this strategy on lock, but it is truly critical to understand not only the hard metrics of marketing channels — such as social, web, mobile, email — but also soft metrics like engagement, time spent, shares and comment quality.

Get even more ideas from the folks who literally wrote the book on content marketing. Download the Grande Guide to B2B Content Marketing.

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