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How Marketing Automation Power Users Outperform With Multi-Touch Programs [CHART]

Egan Cheung
Manager, Revenue Performance Analytics

Fellow Canuck Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his book "Outliers" that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert at something.  Well if that ‘something’ is automation – the saying doesn't quite seem fair, does it?  After all, automation saves you time! But - even if it's not 10,000 hours – as with anything else, time and dedication can yield substantial performance benefits.

Every Eloqua customer has a resident expert: A person who knows the system better than anyone else and spends the most time in the system, dedicated to making the machine hum ever more finely, wringing every last lead out of their marketing efforts. We call these intrepid pioneers Elo-Queens and Elo-Kings.

For today’s Chart of the Week, we split our customer base into two groups: Those whose “power users” can find enough time to spend at least an hour per day in the system, and those who can't.  I wanted to see if giving even one person free reign to hone their craft can have big improvements for the whole organization.


Indeed, I found that those companies (about 1 in 3) that do have a power user spending more than one hour per day are continuously improving their automation of the system, running more than 6x the number of multi-touch programs on average than their more time-burdened colleagues in other organizations.  While this group does create multi-touch campaigns immediately after deployment, competing priorities seem to have them plateau after about 6 months.

So let that EloQueen or EloKing on your team shine through.  Not sure you have one? Check LinkedIn (apparently you can even search Eloqueen)!  Not sure you can spare them for any extra hours in the week?  Consider giving our own Eloqua Expert Service a call!

On a side note - thanks for reading along with us... this was the 100th Chart of the Week!


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