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  • February 4, 2012

AM Inbox: Using the right landing page

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The Retail Email Blog monitors the email marketing campaigns of more than 100 top online retailers. Here are highlights from my inbox this morning:

Avon, 2/2 — One Dress, Six Looks, Only $24.99 TODAY
In my most recent Email Insider column, I said I was deeply concerned about landing page disconnects, which seem to be quite prevalent. This email from Avon provides more evidence of how many landing page experiences are less than optimal. The email itself is straightforward and intriguing, promising six ways to wear this one convertible dress. I love instructive and education content so I clicked on the “See Six Ways to Wear the Striped Convertible Dress” call-to-action.

Feb. 2, 2012 Avon email
View this email full-sized.

It turns out that it takes you to this landing page (below), which is the same as for the “Shop Now” call-to-action. Looking for the “six ways to wear” information, I see the third product image provided, but the images are very small, even when zoomed. I was convinced that Avon wouldn’t build an email around a tiny, not-very-instructional image, so I clicked on the “Watch the Video” link above the product images and found a really nice video of a model demonstrating each of the six ways to tie the dress to produce the different silhouettes. It was so hidden that I felt that I’d found an Easter Egg.

Landing page for Feb. 2, 2012 Avon email
View this landing page full-sized.

However, after browsing a little, I found this page (below), which is the front page of their Fashion department. This seems like a much more logical landing page, with bigger pictures of the six looks and a clear video call-to-action. Sometimes you have to make due with the landing page options that you have, but this seems like a case where they had a much better landing page available and just didn’t use it.

Front page of Avon’s Fashion department
View this screenshot full-sized.

Fingerhut, 2/2 — Fingerhut: Receive a SURPRISE DISCOUNT on Your Order – Whether or Not He Saw His Shadow!
Ever want to take a mallet and hit Punxsutawney Phil over the head with it—especially when he predicts 6 more weeks of winter? Well, Fingerhut has granted your wish with the “wacky game” they promote in this email.

Feb. 2, 2012 Fingerhut email
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Here’s the landing page where you can play “Wack-a-Groundhog”:

Landing page for Feb. 2, 2012 Fingerhut email
View this landing page full-sized.

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J&R, 2/2 — Bose Game-Changing Sound. Featuring The CineMate 1 SR system
Cooking.com, 2/2 — Top 10 Football Party Appetizer Recipes
Wayfair, 2/2 — 12 days left to fill the home with love.
Barnes & Noble, 2/2 — You're Going to Love This -- Up to 50% Off One Item
Lane Bryant, 2/2 — Feel The Love - Get $20 Off $40 Today Only!
J. Jill, 2/2 — Up to 60% off work-ready styles. You deserve a promotion!
Neiman Marcus, 2/2 — Revealed! Beauty Award WINNERS
Lands’ End, 2/2 — Free shipping on every order & Swim 2012 first look!
Home Depot, 2/2 — Tackle Your To-Do List with Get-It-Done Savings
Walgreens, 2/2 — It's Not Too Late to Avoid the Flu with a Flu Shot at Walgreens
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