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  • March 3, 2009

AM Inbox: The New LNT's disastrous return

The Retail Email Blog monitors the email marketing campaigns of more than 100 top online retailers. Here are highlights from my inbox this morning:

Linens ’n Things, 2/28 — Special offer to LNT customers - The iconic brand HALSTON!!!
After being quiet for more than two weeks, Linens ’n Things is back—but not in their best form. Surely the current state of their business is hampering their email marketing efforts, but this email violates a few best practices as well as CAN-SPAM.

First, they changed both their sender name—from “Linens 'n Things” to “Linens-N-Things”— and their sender address—from “Linens-n-Things@em.lnt.com” to “newsletter@thenewlnt.com.” Changing the sender name is probably not a big deal, although they missed an opportunity to say “The New Linens-N-Things,” which would be in line with their new URL. The new URL is clearly behind their change of sender address, but I’m not sure why they removed the branding from the frontend of their address. Why not send from “Linens-n-Things@thenewlnt.com”?

Second, there’s no Linens ’n Things logo and header on this email. By looking at the creative, there’s no way to tell who this email is from. That’s a problem. Because thenewlnt.com isn’t fully functional, the creative in this email links to halston.com directly, which creates other problems…

And finally, this email is completely in violation of CAN-SPAM. Not only is there no mailing address but there’s no unsubscribe mechanism. The question is who’s unsubscribe should be on this. Because the main link is to halston.com, I’m sure that there are folks that would argue that the unsub should be for them. As the sender, Linens ’n Things should have an opt-out link as well. I’m no CAN-SPAM expert and these kinds of emails get tricky, but anyway you look at it this email is in violation. The question is the fix.

They probably would have been much better off just emailing subscribers and updating them on their plans for the new LNT. If their launch is still weeks away, they could develop a series of emails that would keep subscribers informed of changes, new features, etc. to keep them engaged.

Click to view this Feb. 28, 2009 Linen ’n Things email full-sized

Ralph Lauren, 2/28 — Go Behind The Scenes At The Fall 2009 Fashion Show‏
Continuing to press their lead in multichannel, multiplatform marketing, Ralph Lauren promotes their new iPhone application in this email.

Click to view this Feb. 28, 2009 Ralph Lauren email full-sized

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