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  • September 30, 2009

AM Inbox: Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaigns

The Retail Email Blog monitors the email marketing campaigns of more than 100 top online retailers. Here are highlights from my inbox this morning:

eBags, 9/29 — Pick Pink and Help in the Fight Against Cancer‏
Looking to get a jump on the official start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, eBags, Ralph Lauren and Staples began their campaigns yesterday. EBags does several nice things in this email: (1) The heavy use of pink taps into the close association between breast cancer charities and the color. (2) They highlight their year-round commitment to the cause and mention how much money they’ve raised for research. (3) They include an appeal to forward this email to friends to spread awareness. This could have been strengthened by tapping into the viralness of “share with your network” (SWYN) functionality. (4) They highlight Pick Pink products. And finally (5) they include some video footage of the Denver Race for the Cure events to add some excitement and build credibility. For more on Breast Cancer Awareness Month messaging and trends, check out the 2008 Breast Cancer Awareness Month Season Finale.

Click to view this Sept. 29, 2009 eBags email full-sized

Ralph Lauren, 9/29 — Give In Style: You Save 25%, We Donate 10%
Ralph Lauren’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign allows shoppers to choose to have their contribution go to one of two charities. Choice is nice, but I wonder if some folks will get hung up on that.

Click to view this Sept. 29, 2009 Ralph Lauren email full-sized

REI, 9/29 — REI East Hanover Grand Opening: October 9 - 11‏
This is a great new store announcement. It tells you when and where—including very on-brand latitude and longitude coordinates—plus it does a good job of explaining the why, including a list of bullets about what will happen at the grand opening. For this email, they change their sender name to “REI East Hanover” from their usual “REI Gearmail,” which is the name of their newsletter. It was a clever move designed to boost interest by playing off subscribers’ recognition of the city’s name. However, even though I was targeted because of my proximity to the new store, I didn’t immediately recognize East Hanover as being near me. If it had said, “REI East Hanover, NJ,” that would have meant more to me. Otherwise it’s a great email.

Click to view this Sept. 29, 2009 REI email full-sized

SUBJECTIVITY SCANNER: Select noteworthy subject lines
Staples, 9/29 — Join us in supporting breast cancer research.
Drs. Foster & Smith, 9/29 — Halloween Fun for Pets‏
Kmart, 9/29 — No Trick. All Treat. Up to 25% off Halloween.‏
Oriental Trading, 9/29 — Free shipping + 15% off the best Halloween treats‏
1-800-Flowers.com, 9/29 — Free Shipping Upgrade! Get it while it lasts!‏
Neiman Marcus, 9/29 — Nowhere Else: Exclusives created just for us + Free online shipping‏
HSN, 9/29 — New at HSN for September: Abby Z., Alyssa Milano & More‏
JC Whitney, 9/29 — Fall Maintenance: 3-Step Guide Engine Care!‏
MLB, 9/29 — Get your new Postseason gear now
J&R, 9/29 — Windows 7 -- Pre-order Now!
Blair, 9/29 — Shop our bargain bins and save up to 85%

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