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  • April 13, 2007

AM Inbox: Abercrom’s inconsistencies

RetailEmail.Blogspot monitors the email marketing campaigns of more than 100 of the top online retailers. Here are highlights from our inbox this morning:

Abercrombie & Fitch, 4/12 — Sexy Shorts at Abercrombie and Fitch.
First, I think this is the most suggestive A&F email that I’ve seen. Brave…and definitely hot. Second, I wanted to draw attention to the subject line—specifically how they refer to their brand as “Abercrombie and Fitch.” In emails over the past few months, Abercrombie & Fitch has referenced to their brand in their subject lines as: Abercrombie & Fitch, A&F, Abercrombie, abercrombie, and Abercrombie.com…and now Abercrombie and Fitch. Some variety gives you flexibility to fill out shorter subject lines with the longer versions or to briefly slip your brand in with an abbreviation (like A&F). But I think you can get to casual with your brand. In this case, they should really not use “Abercrombie and Fitch” and “abercrombie.” There’s just nothing to be gained with these variations—they are just variation for variation’s sake—whereas all the others have their uses.

Sony, 4/12 — Make Sony the center of your HD experience.
Encouraging brand interaction while also tapping into the consumer-generated ad trend, Sony encourages its subscribers to make V-CAMs (viewer created ad messages) about how life is better in HD. The banner links to its Current TV site.

Apple, 4/12 — Apple eNews: April 12, 2007
This is not exactly new, but I haven’t pointed it out before… Apple includes in its sidebar a note telling subscribers to share Apple eNews issues with their friends by sending them the link to its online version. At first I thought this was in lieu of having send-to-a-friend functionality, but then I realized that what they’re really gunning for is for bloggers to link to the issue—hence the language about sharing it with “a few dozen friends.” Back in their Nov. 2 Apple eNews email that section said “a friend ought to read”; in the next issue it was changed to “a few dozen friends.” Having a web-based version of your newsletter certainly opens the door to having bloggers link to your newsletter content. Having a blog that runs your newsletter content is perhaps an even better alternative.

J. Crew, 4/12 — 20% off (you'll flip for this) [promoting flip-flops]
Orvis, 4/12 — Give her our best on Mother's Day.
Bloomingdale’s, 4/12 — Experience All The Glitz & Glam Leading Up To Prom
JCPenney, 4/12 — 105th Anniversary Sale: Save up to $20!
Lands’ End, 4/12 — New! Sport Casual Sandals: versatile looks, sneaker comfort! From $29.50!
Cabela’s, 4/12 — Get There with Camping Gear @ Cabelas.com
Bluefly, 4/12 — A Black Tie Affair...
Barnes & Noble, 4/12 — 3 DVDs for $20 -- Choose from Thousands of Select Titles
Ralph Lauren, 4/12 — Five Days Left to Enjoy Exclusive 30% Savings at Polo.com
KB Toys, 4/12 — Video Game Blowout
Diamond.com, 4/12 — 1/2 Carat Diamond 14K Earrings-only $295
Nordstrom, 4/12 — New Linen Looks from Eileen Fisher Extended Shoe Sizes & Widths
EBags, 4/11 — up to 70% off + Free shipping through Sunday

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