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Achieving data-driven success with customer-centric initiatives

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

[[The following is a guest post from Andrea Ward, Vice President Marketing, Oracle Marketing Cloud]]

For some time now marketers have been aware of the power of customer data, garnering insights to inform their future campaigns. From recent purchases and browsing history right through to a customer’s age, gender or maybe even their favorite holiday destinations, marketers have had data goldmines at their fingertips, enabling them to inform their marketing approach and strategy.

However, marketers are now gaining access to even more data sources and need to be able to acquire, analyse and apply information about customer and consumer wants, needs, context, behavior and motivations in real-time to drive richer and more personalized customer experiences. As a result, marketers need to learn how to take advantage of technology and marketing best practices to achieve true data-driven success.

At this year’s Modern Marketing Experience event in London, Oracle brought together a customer panel of digital marketing experts (consisting of ASOS.com, Comcast Cable and Dow Chemical Company), so that they could explain how they’re making sense of customer data to drive personalized experiences and revenue for their companies.

ASOS: Using data to fashion an orchestrated marketing campaign

Rather than delivering one single message to the masses, sophisticated marketers are prioritising individual interactions that evolve over time and span digital channels in order to initiate higher customer engagement and additional revenue. As the number one fast-fashion destination for twenty-somethings across the world, Matthew Knight (Head of CRM & Insight at ASOS.com), explained how ASOS is integrating data intelligence into smarter decision-making.

Faced with increasingly mobile consumers but an understanding of the importance of personalization, ASOS is orchestrating its cross-channel strategy in order to boost engagement rates and appeal to individual shopping preferences. Working alongside Oracle Marketing Cloud, the retailer has devised a connected strategy across all data-sets (email, newsletters, SMS and push notifications), which enables the retailer to apply information about customer and consumer wants into a tailored marketing strategy.

Dow Chemical: Using data to inform your overall business strategy

When brands are looking to justify bigger digital marketing budgets in 2015, it is essential to show the value of marketing insights to the wider business. Hubertus Devroye (Director of Marketing & Sales EMEA at Dow Chemical Company) explained how the age of customer-centricity is placing new demands on all parts of the business. In response to this, marketers are growing their roles to help businesses re-evaluate their strategies in line with changing customer needs and wants.Dow-Chemical-Company-logo

Devroye recommended that customers start with the business need first, when carving out your data driven strategy.  His team improved their customer interactions by automating follow up communications to complement their existing engagement with their chemical customers. By analyzing and evaluating responses by individual customers, marketers can create a better tactic for reaching them.

However, Devroye warned digital marketers that they won’t always like the results when they look at real-time data to understand how leads are growing over time and where they come from. The data may highlight the need for significant changes across the business and in investment strategies. Nevertheless, with a detailed knowledge of customer preferences, marketers can grow their influence within businesses and have a stronger voice in the boardroom than ever before.

Comcast Cable: Using data to deliver relevant content in context

In this hyper-connected world, consumers are demanding more personalized interactions with brands. For Comcast Cable, which had a customer data that was address-based rather than communications-based, multiple customers at one address were engaging with their services in different ways. As a result, it was necessary for Comcast Cable to find a way to reorganize its data to improve customer communications and the on-boarding process.

Comcast-LogoSince each Comcast Cable customer and prospect is unique, it was critical that the marketing team capture and analyse detailed profile data through its marketing programs. Lucy Rainey (VP Acquisition Marketing & Onboarding at Comcast Cable) explained how Comcast Cable has improved the understanding of its customer base.

Using data to help the business replace linear campaigns with related interactions orchestrated across channels, Comcast Cable now delivers relevant content in context. Rainey described to our audience how placing data at the heart of marketing strategy is key to delivering marketing that’s more efficient, connected, and impactful in today’s customer and content-centric age.

All in all, it was an enlightening panel session. With great advice from digital marketing experts, we’re excited to see how our audience acts upon these learnings to use data to deliver even more effective campaigns, prove the value of marketing investments, and make better decisions about marketing strategies for the business. For marketers, it’s time to harness the sea of customer data available to them and turn it into a better experience for the customer and more revenue for the business.

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