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9 B2B Content Marketing Ideas

Chris Baggott
CEO & President

9 B2B Content Marketing IdeasHere is a guest post from Sharon Ernst of WeKnowWords.... 




So you’re ready to ramp up your B2B content marketing… The next question is, what to do? What B2B content marketing tactics should you be considering? When it comes to B2B, your prospects are usually looking for information. That’s just the nature of the B2B sales cycle. So we’ve pulled together 9 straightforward ideas for you, some of which you might already be doing, and all of which give your prospects the information they need.




1.     Blog: Many organizations started a blog a few years ago when blogging went mainstream. But how many are really using it as a B2B content marketing tactic? Your blog can be more than a major component of your content marketing: It can be the hub too, the starting place for other tactics, and the place where you share and promote the other content you create.



2.     Articles: In the B2B buying world, prospects are usually searching for information long before they’re ready to buy. That’s because they’ve got budgets to work within and management to convince. Buying a waste basket for the office might not require a lot of research upfront, but buying an entire suite of office furniture will. Articles can provide that information in both printed and online form.


3.     Presentations: That PowerPoint the sales team made for the last tradeshow? Get that on slideshare. Offer it on your website. Promote it via your blog and e-newsletter.


4.     Newsletter: Because you have an e-newsletter, right? Email newsletters are making a comeback in the age of content marketing. They are an easy way to provide useful content to your audience, content that can be repurposed in other places like your blog. And that article you just wrote (idea #2)? Put a summary in your newsletter to promote it, and link to the full article online.


5.     Case studies: People believe what others say about you before they believe what you say about you. That’s why case studies continue to be an effective content marketing tool. Tell real stories about real clients and how you helped them solve their problems. Offer these case studies on your website. Summarize them in your blog. And make them available to the client to share too.


6.     Whitepapers: Like case studies, whitepapers are still going strong as B2B marketing tools. That’s because they (should) offer objective information that builds a case for your product or service. And what does your client need to do? Build a case for your product or service so the budget will be there to buy it. Whitepapers provide the facts and figures clients need to make compelling arguments in support of your offering.


7.     eBooks: Don’t think stodgy and stuffed with words. eBooks have come a long way, as visually appealing ways to present more information that’s easily scanned. Think PowerPoint more than publisher. Plus eBooks have an inherent perceived value beyond that of a whitepaper or case study…even though the whitepaper or case study might have been the starting point for the book!


8.     Video: Content doesn’t have to be read. It can be seen and heard too. Short, snappy videos can convey the same information as your


9.     Infographics: Who doesn’t love a good infographic? Round up the creative team to turn any of the above content marketing tactics into a visually rich and highly shareable infographic. Then share it all over, and pin it to your board.




Did that list overwhelm or intimidate you? Of course not. Because none of these are new marketing tactics. They are only being thought of in new marketing ways, as content. And your B2B buyer needs content. Put any or all of these 9 ideas to work and meet that need.



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