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8 Simple Ways to Keep Your Blog Fresh

Kaila Garrison
Product Marketing Manager

There is nothing sadder than an unattended or dated blog. When a visitor encounters a blog that hasn’t been updated in months (or even years!), it can create the image of a dull or inattentive company. On the other hand, by having consistent, informational and interesting blog posts, you can advance your marketing goals and increase the time a visitor spends on your site.

A consistent and well-prepared blogging strategy can also help create audience and traffic from your social networks because you’ll have links to share that actually drive people to your site.

If you are starting a blog, or breathing life into an stale blog, you’ll need new content ideas. But where do you find them? Here are eight ways to make (and keep) your blog fresh:

Create a Calendar

Creating an editorial calendar will help you visualize your upcoming content topics to see where there are holes in the subject matter and to keep you from posting too much of the same kinds of content. Your content workflow should begin with a content marketing calendar.

Utilize Trending Stories


When something important or noteworthy is happening, jump on the trend and create a post that ties the trending topic back to your brand.


Go Deeper into Topics


Look back at your most popular blog posts and write follow-up posts. Go deeper into the subject matter to really explore the idea. This can also give your original blog a second life as new audience members will see a link to the first post in the blog.

Welcome Guest Authors

Bring in outside help from clients or industry partners to write on your blog. Be ready to do the same for them and enjoy the cross-promotional synergy. Guest authors will also bring a new voice to your blog and keep your content fresh.

Be Real


You don’t have to hide your humanity behind the brand. Have fun and tell stories. People enjoy reading blogs with personality, so don’t be afraid to write with personality.

Answer Questions

Talk to your customer-facing employees and check your comment sections to find out common questions people have -- then answer them.

Use Photos and Graphics


Your blog will look better with something to look at. Create posts with graphics you used on social channels or photo albums from a company event.


Create Lists and Series but Don’t Be Afraid to Shift


If you have a great idea for a topic, break it apart into a series and release it over the course of a few days. Sometimes a 2,500-word post is OK, but breaking it into five 500-word posts on your blog may drive more traffic.


Finally, determine how often you should post. If you don’t think you can create a blog post every day, don’t force it. But if you don’t think you can do one every week, you may need some additional help for your blog strategy to work.


For more, read Chris Baggott’s Guide to Blogging Best Practices.

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