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7 digital marketing quotes to elevate your strategy

As data and ROI become increasingly important for the marketing team, there’s good reason that experts say marketing is both a science and an art. We’ve compiled key insights from industry experts about how they strike a balance.

1. “Marketing is simply too nuanced and too complex to expect one person to ‘know everything’ anymore. Both companies and marketers will be more successful if we admit that the time has come to have more than one CMO at the helm.” — David Rodnitzky, CEO and co-founder of search engine marketing firm 3Q Digital, on the need for two CMOs, one for direct response and one for branding (via Marketing Land)

2. “On the surface, untargeted ads in this day and age are not ideal for an advertiser or a user seeing the ad. Content is a lot more powerful when you know exactly who it is reaching, when it’s reaching them and on what device.” — Jason Stein, president at Laundry Service, on how Snapchat needs a targeting strategy for its ad business (via Digiday)

3. “We pull the consumer in different directions, we create complexity. We need to think about how what we do looks to the consumer. Start with the right idea, put it on the table, and nurture it.” — Clive Sirkin, CMO at Kimberly-Clark, on why teams need to work in collaboration to create a seamless customer experience (via Forbes)

4. “I try to be a skeptic of my own work, and for marketers more generally: Get out of your own head, and into your reader’s or your customer’s.” — Ann Handley, chief content officer at MarketingProfs and author of Everybody Writes, on the importance of writing for your reader, not yourself (via Modern Marketing Blog)

5. “Marketers have traditionally been very dependent upon publishers and ad networks for strategy and tactics. I think programmatic is enabling marketers to really own their data, their attribution models, and their strategy, and understanding the audience that they're reaching." — Tara Steger, sales director at DataXu, on how programmatic advertising is impacting the marketing sphere (via CIO)

6. “It’s about emotions. Creating content is about capturing people’s hearts.” — Bob Shaker, CTO of Symantec, on creating valuable, authentic content (via Fortune)

7. “For marketers to consume the relevant info, breaking down the big data into small, bite-sized bits is important – this is ‘small data’ and perhaps the most important data from the marketer’s point-of-view. Why? Because it allows you to use the data for 1:1 marketing pursuits.” — Daniel Newman, author of The Millennial CEO, on filtering data and using it in an actionable way (via Forbes)


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