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7 CMO Quotes You Need to Read on Marketing Technology

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

Not long ago Scott Brinker, the mad scientist behind the now infamous martech landscape graphic released the latest version, this time going so far to name it the "Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic." Not sure why he added the word "super" but it more than likely has to do with the fact that there are 3,874 marketing technology solutions on the graphic itself. That number is up from 150 in 2011.

That translates into an increase of over 2400%.... in just 5 years. 

Needless to say there's no shortage of technology vendors and solutions available to CMOs and marketers today.  And weeding through them all can take a whole lot of time. 

So, I figured why not share some thoughts from some of your fellow CMOs and marketing leaders on the topic of marketing technology. 

  1. "Great campaigns result from collaboration, and technology should help support that collaboration. By bringing individual brand processes together and moving to a common platform, we gain efficiencies while encouraging deeper levels of creativity across the organization.”  - Mary Beth Parks, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Hilton Worldwide
  2. Most brands and marketers only utilize 15% of technologies and capabilities they are already paying for, so the focus should not be in the number of technologies that need to adopted, but in “applying” them to solve business needs and changing consumer behaviors.” - Mayur Gupta, SVP, Head of Digital Capabilities & OmniChannel Business, Healthgrades
  3. There are so many solutions out there. Managing it all requires a substantial time investment. I want a partner who can lay out a roadmap for me. We have 57 vendors just in marketing technology. And you need a data scientist who has the keys to unlock what you’re sitting on.”  - Jenn McMillen, former Vice President, Marketing & CRM, Michaels Stores
  4. "In today’s world, deep and broad understanding of marketing principles, business objectives and the latest in technology tools are essential elements of the strategic plan for developing meaningful relationships with customers, and delivering friction-free, cross-channel experiences for consumers." - Julie Lyle, former CMO of hhgregg & Prudential Asia 
  5. The focus shouldn’t be to always stay ahead of technology. The speed and succession in which the platforms change is mind-boggling. The focus should be aimed at making sure that you are investing in the technology that makes the most sense for your specific business and customers.” —Michael Williams, former CMO of Grand Prix of America, Formula 1 
  6. Technology has completely changed what fast means. We are on an agility mission right now because speed is different than agility. What we’re trying to build is the capability to go in new directions fast, not just go straight ahead fast, and that’s a really different muscle for us to build.” —Jeff Jones, CMO, Target 
  7. Technology provides a consistent feedback loop, which helps a brand know if its products, service, experiences and messages are useful to customers. Today, we are still required to aggregate information and insights from many tools-- CRM, social listening, POS and e-commerce data, etc.-- but together, they provide an almost immediate read on how you’re doing. That should translate to greater risk-taking and invention, which ultimately lead to success.” - Seth Farbman, CMO, Spotify 

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