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Simplifying Video Marketing: 5 Ideas To Get Started

I don’t think anyone would dispute me when I say that content is a key piece of any successful marketing strategy. What is interesting though, is when we slice the data to look at the types of content that are generating the highest ROI, featured articles are number one and video is number two.

Yet while nearly 52% of marketers cite video as the second highest ROI generator, 49.8% of them also say video is "difficult to create," according to this recent article from eMarketer. Not exactly a winning formula.

Crafting compelling video content doesn’t have to be hard, or expensive, but it sure can seem that way. Some organizations have the luxury of hiring a production company, leveraging fancy editing software, perhaps integrating some actors and a copywriting script firm, but you are not limited to that. Here are 5 easy ways to think about creating video content that won’t break the bank.

1. Interviews

Walk around your office and interview people. Ask questions of your CTO, marketing team, sales team, everyone. Regardless of what product or solution you are marketing, I would bet that your target buyer is sitting right there in your own office.

2. Whiteboards

Vote for a spokesperson, or nominate yourself, and get in front of a whiteboard. Cut out some imagery, tape it up or simply just draw out a concept with markers. What is a question you can help answer for your audience? People just want to understand ideas better and whiteboarding has always been a great way to help illustrate a solution.

3. Memes

Harlem Shake anyone? How about ‘Call Me Maybe?’ Jump on the meme bandwagon with your co-workers and have some fun. When serious companies can show their human side, it’s something anyone can connect with.

4. Repurposed Content

Your white paper is not only a white paper, it easily can be turned into a video, blog, or podcast. Consider how to leverage a significant piece of content for multiple communication methods.

5. Always Be Recording

I love the phrase "always be testing" but I also like to say ‘"always be recording." What do I mean by that? You’re at a conference or hosting a conference, why not record the speaker? Use apps like Vine to create snip-its of people in your office playing ping-pong or working at their desks. You never know what video content may pop up, so always be recording!

What great ideas can you share to those marketers who are struggling with video content?

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