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Email marketing: 5 ways to inspire your customers in the New Year

As the holidays roll in, it’s crucial to consider how your big holiday push will keep customers with you into the New Year. While consumers expect and often appreciate increased email sends while completing their holiday shopping, the quality and relevance of messaging must foster the customer relationships that your brand hopes to carry year-round. Finishing out the holidays strong is one crucial way to invest in those relationships, and below are email marketing samples from some of the brands who nailed it in 2012.

Sur La Table: Getting customers into stores

Building on consumers' New Years spirit of self improvement, Sur La Table invited subscribers into stores to learn new skills with aspirational copy and imagery. Moving away from the product sales messaging that is fueled by holiday gift-buying, this email reminds consumers how Sur La Table fits into their year-round lifestyles.

Sur la table email

charity: water: Updating subscribers' on the organization's annual success 

charity: water closed out the year by providing a recap of its organization’s accomplishments with a video and a message of thanks. This email's sleek, simple design is responsive, playing well on any device.

charity water

Barnes & Noble: Anticipating subscribers' gifts

In this email featuring the NOOK, Barnes & Noble guesses that subscribers may have received a particular gift and offers support. Note that the copy calls out more than just the NOOK, including all mobile devices. Whether a subscriber bought any gifts from Barnes & Noble or received a Barnes & Noble gift, this email remind subscribers how the company can meet their needs beyond the holidays.

Barnes & Noble nook

Betty Crocker: Outlining the company's own "best of the year" list 

Betty Crocker’s subtle ribbon details make this image-driven recap special and fitting for post-holiday messaging, reminding subscribers how Betty Crocker compliments their cooking lives year-round. Plus, this email width and big buttons are mobile-friendly.

Betty Crocker

Harley-Davidson: Offering thanks

This New Years Email carries subtle, celebratory animation (the fireworks in the background), and reinforces Harley-Davidson's mission of engaging customers in a community. Rather that pushing any sales, the message offers gratitude. The only CTA is the invitation to connect, signaled by the row of social networking logos at the bottom of the primary message.

Harley Davidson

Any post-holiday messaging should build on the relationships your brand has strengthened all season long, and lay the groundwork for a new year of relationship marketing.

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