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5 Tips for Optimizing Audience Engagement by Channel

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

A consistent, relevant experience across channels is built on a cohesive and relevant message. The message derives from audience data. The struggle of getting to know and understand these attributes is real. Much as we’d like to think we do, we often don’t know our customers as well as necessary to successfully target the message, deliver content in context, and create a sales relationship.

The above is an excerpt from our newly-released Informed Advertising Guide and should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone reading this, quite frankly. The fact remains that despite all the data that marketers have access to, they continue to struggle when it comes to using that data - the right data that is, to deliver the consistent, relevant message we ALL want for we are ALL consumers in one way or another. 

And here's the stark reality: There are technologies and platforms available right now which can provide marketers the tools they need to deliver that cohesive, relevant message across all channels. Look, at the end of the day, as it's written in the guide itself "Data will not meaningfully serve your marketing and audiences until it can be leveraged and applied in a way that can be effectively managed, organized, and measured as part of your marketing mix."

And that marketing mix most assuredly means optimizing audience engagement across every channel. 

5 Tips for Optimizing Audience Engagement by Channel

1. Start with the first-party data you already capture and build on it.
2. Add unstructured data—like social data—to gain insight into sentiment and use that to inform engagements.
3. Use audience analytics and third-party data to inform audience reach and targeting strategies pre-buy and post-buy.
4. Foster second-party data partner sources and relationships for exclusive insights to supplement your first-party data and third-party buys.
5. Test and optimize to see which combinations drive the most engagement.

Now of course there is much more to the story which is precisely why you need to download the Informed Advertising Guide. Learn how to maximize the full value of activating data, use real world scenarios to deploy data activation, and more. 

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