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4 Simple Ideas to Personalize Your Email Campaigns Today

Those of us who craft email campaigns are always searching for ways to personalize our messages. Sending the right message to each subscriber at the right time can seem hard to achieve, because our email newsletters are such workhorses for our brands — we get reliable returns (opens, clicks, and sales) from emailing our subscribers. How do we balance the need for personalized campaigns (which we know consumers want) with achievable and reliable results (which our businesses need)?

Our advice: don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Keep your email newsletter humming along and start to siphon off sub-audiences for more targeted, just in-time messages with tailored content. This approach to personalization will improve your clicks and opens and ultimately revenue, with the added bonus of delighting your customers with relevant and timely messages they will want to read.

Here are 4 ways to personalize your email programs that you can implement right now:

1. Create Sub-audiences of Customers

Not all email subscribers are the same and different messages will perform better for some audiences over others. Take any piece of data you have on your subscribers, for example, when they joined your list, how responsive they are with your emails, and the time of day they open and create a sub-audience of people for a targeted message. Simple examples are a welcome series for new subscribers or an “evening edition” for night-owl readers.

2. Take into Account the Health of Your Relationship

We’ve all received the buy one get one free email from a brand that we are currently on customer service hold with. Instead of leaving that bad taste in their mouth, let them know you care, because you don’t want to lose them as a customer. Identifying this sub-audience and delivering the right tone in your email can keep them as a loyal customer through their customer service experience.

3. Use Their Site Browsing & Mobile Behavior to Tailor the Message

Your customers show tremendous individuality while browsing your site or using your mobile app. Nudge them along in their journey by matching your message to their experience. Examples of these emails would be abandoned cart emails or low inventory messages on products they’ve viewed on site. These are great ways to drive relevance and results in your email programs.

4. Match the Content to Their Interests

It is tempting to send the same promotional offers to everyone on your list, but even a little bit of personalized content can deliver big wins. Take a page from Netflix or Amazon and inch your way towards personalized emails by delivering an offer or a link to something they have shown interest in in the past. Great examples of this would be sending them another product or article in the same category as their last purchase or web visit with a simple “we thought you might be interested in this” message.

Depending on the quality of your customer data, some of these personalized messages may be easier to achieve than others. There is no question that consumers expect personalized messages, so our job as marketers is to use the tools and data we have to start to deliver on that promise. And we know it can deliver results. According to a recent MarketingLand study, personalized email delivers 6% higher transaction rates, but 70% of brands fail to use them.

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