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4 ways to improve the shopping experience for tablet users

Note: This article was co-written by Jenny Drucker, Art Director at Responsys.

If you’re still designing your mobile email campaign primarily for smartphone users, you may want to revisit your strategy. According to a December 2013 report by Business Insider, 50 percent of all mobile retail sales are now made on tablets. (And since that report was released before the Christmas holiday, it’s a safe bet that even more tablets are now in the hands of eager shoppers.)

Tablet users typically research products and purchase all in one session, while smartphone users are more likely to “showroom,” or research and browse on their phones while completing the purchase in-store or online at a later time. Demographically, tablet owners are typically older with more disposable income. So your tablet-using audience is quicker to purchase, has more disposable income, and now represents at least 50 percent of your mobile sales. Here's how to make it easy for tablet users to seamlessly transition from email to purchase:

1. Link to your browser experience

Tablet users prefer to shop on the mobile web rather than through an app. When linking to specific products, prioritize web links over links to download your app.

2. Make coupons easy to redeem instantly

Coupon codes should be intuitive, easy to remember and not case-sensitive, so that your customer doesn't have to copy and paste the code. It would be even better to automatically apply coupon codes when a customer clicks or taps through your email.

iOS 7 GUI PSD (iPad)

This Original Penguin coupon code is simple and easy to remember.

3. Design your emails to mimic your website

If the email and shopping experiences look similar, the transition from one to the other will feel natural. Both should have large buttons with plenty of surrounding clear space for easy touch navigation. Keep the content to a minimum, use large images, and make both easy to scroll. Designing your email responsively will ensure that your customers have the best experience, no matter what device they use.


When you click through the Essie email on the left, you're brought to the very similar web page on the right. 

4) Cut the clutter

Focus on one main message that’s easy to tap through. Too many secondary messages will divide your audience’s attention.


This Madewell email has just one single message: Shop these jeans.

With tablet use on the rise, particularly among high-income adults, it’s more important than ever to design your email campaigns with tablet users in mind. Eliminate the barriers between the inbox and shopping experience to get the most out of your next campaign!

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