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4 things for your business you can (kind of) do yourself

Web design, posting to social media, search engine optimization (SEO)? There many elements to the tech side of business you can do yourself—at least to some degree. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire an SEO agency or consider a social media manager if the social side of your business really takes off.

However, leaning too much on “tech support” can have you paying outrageous costs unnecessarily, and maybe not even getting the results you want.

Remember: Anyone can be a freelancer with a seemingly spotless review history. Anyone can start a business and call themselves “the best”, “premium” or “leading”. You know this—you started a business yourself. That is why you can benefit from learning the basics of many technical business support approaches. It’s never too late to learn, and you might find you have a natural knack (or enjoyment!) for a brand new skill.

1. SEO & Local SEO (LSEO)

SEO and LSEO are constantly shifting best practices that move your website(s) up the rankings when someone searches for “your” keywords on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. Since Google is the most popular search engine in the US, most SEO gurus use “optimize for search engines” and “optimize for Google” interchangeably. You don’t need to get into the nitty gritty of SEO, but the SEO-image-largebasics that don’t change like organic and original content, analyzing keywords with free tools like Google AdWords, putting quality authority links in when appropriate, etc. is certainly within your capabilities.

Why hire someone at an astounding rate to do what you can already do? Hire them to do what you can’t, what you find challenging, or what you just can’t stand. I personally started out doing this and turned into an expert.

2. Web Development & Management

Obviously the degree to which you can create and manage a website yourself depends on how complicated your business is. For example, a co-op that offers financial services should always hire a professional web designer so you’re sure your client’s accounts are protected—you don’t want to do this on a WordPress platform. However, for the vast majority of entrepreneurs and small businesses, using a site like WordPress is totally fine to create a beautiful site that is instantly mobile-ready, and truly easy to manage, update, and maintain.

Check out some of the best free WordPress themes to get started!

3. Social Media Management

There’s a very good reason why “Social Media Manager” is a respected and often lucrative title. It’s not easy to figure out the best time to post, which posts perform well, and take those weekly analytics to turn them into actions that benefit you. However, hiring a social media manager should be the last thing on the to-do list for many startups. Just remember: Only start a business social media account if you’ll post at least three times per week.

If you can commit to that and your research shows it’s beneficial for your industry, try doing this yourself. You can always hire a pro later. Here are a few tips to help with this and selling your products online through social.

4. Blogging/Creating Content

Absolutely nothing replaces the skills of a professional writer, especially if they have expertise in your field. However, you don’t “have” to be a great writer to create a great blog. If you have genuine expertise to share, or if you prefer creating stunning infographics or short videos, the quality of what you have to say can outshine your passive voice. However, let others tell you if your unique voice is beneficial to a blog—a lot of people “think” they’re great writers.

Finally, don’t let fear of a learning curve make you dependent on freelancers or professional agencies. The more you learn and know, the better off you and your business will be.

Image source: bigtrends.com

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