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4 Reasons No One Likes Your Email Campaigns

Jennifer Talcott
Solutions Consultant

Buyer’s remorse. We’ve all felt it at one point. Sometimes it’s a pair of ill-fitting shoes, in worse cases it’s a fixer-upper that turns into a money pit.

Whatever the case, you definitely don't want to feel remorseful about your email marketing vendor. If you’re launching email campaigns, but you’re not seeing the results you expected, don’t blame the sales guy…yet. There are four common reasons why you may be experiencing roadblocks and some email marketing tips to combat them.

1. Your Message is Too Generic
Email is one of the most common ways that you communicate with your audience, so it’s imperative that your message is relevant and compelling. Your prospective audience needs to feel they have a question or a problem, and that your call-to-action will help solve it. If I receive an email encouraging me to download a white paper but it’s on a topic I don’t care about, the email probably won’t even get opened.

2. Deliverability is a Problem
Think of sending an email like applying for a credit card. If you have a really bad track record of paying bills, you probably aren’t going to get approved for a new one. Email marketing works the same way – if you (or your vendor) has a less-than-stellar reputation, your e-mails may be getting rejected. An easy way to check this is to visit senderscore.org – it’s simple and free, and definitely something worth monitoring.

3. Your Content is Flawed
What your email says and how you say it are two different things. There’s an art to crafting an email. You should consider email length, image-to-text ratio, and keywords. Too long and you’ll lose people. It should be short and to the point. If you have too many images and too little text, you’ll run into display and deliverability issues. They help break up an email, but some email systems exclude images and some filters block too many photos.

4. You’ve Got the Wrong Audience
Your audience and messaging go hand-in-hand, but if you’re not considering who needs the message, then the message doesn’t matter. This is especially important if you have different types of audiences. For example, your day-to-day users and decision makers have different needs. The users may care about efficiency and doing their jobs quickly and effectively, whereas the decision makers likely care about results and ensuring return on investment. Be sure to consider whom you are marketing to before pulling the trigger.

These tips should help get your emails to the right inbox. Have you come up with issues not listed here? Share them below in the comments.

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