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4 Conversation Starters for Selling Marketing Automation to the CEO

Ever wonder what keeps your CEO awake at night? What nagging fear fills the chief with dread?

In all likelihood, it’s probably one, or both, of these two persistent questions: “How is my company going to make its number? “ and “Are my competitors going to outperform me?”

You see, if the buck stops with you, then you probably worry about the variables, the unmeasured and the uncontrollable. Your CEO is all ears when it comes to parts of the business that can be effectively measured and controlled – but aren’t currently. That’s where Revenue Performance Management comes in.

RPM is a strategy for managing your company’s interactions with buyers throughout purchase process, enabling rapid, profitable and predictable revenue. It requires a combination of people, changes in processes to include forecasting and benchmarking, and technology like marketing automation to manage complex campaigns.

But if you’re going to cozy up to the Corner Office, you can’t walk in blasting random stats. So we provided four conversation starters to help convince your CEO to make an investment in marketing automation.

1.     “Instead of using fluffy measurements, we’ll be able to consistently and measurably move prospects from the top of the funnel to a closed deal.”

CEOs love accountability. Don’t overpromise and under deliver. Your CEO will respect the fact that you’re looking to improve sales and marketing processes, not just buy new toys.

2.     “Like anything worth it’s while, it’ll take some time to see the full effects of marketing automation. But as we measure everything related to moving prospects through the funnel, we’ll get better at it and the results will improve over time.”

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Make the case for sustainable change and constant improvement, rather than a quick fix.

3. “You’ll receive reporting every month so you can measure our success and show   you the effectiveness of our campaigns. And because the reports are automated, you’ll know we aren’t making up the results.”

CEOs love cold, hard numbers. Stress that you can get on the path to predictable revenue growth by starting with a few reports and dashboards that you can continually improve upon.

4. “In lots of industries, the first company that puts automation into play ends up getting more than their fair share of the market.”

Be sure to emphasize that the competition could also be implementing an RPM strategy via marketing automation, and that first-mover advantage is critical.

Getting the ear of the C-suite isn’t easy, which is why we created “How to Sell Marketing Automation to Marketing Executives.” It’s a free guide that will help you approach your CEO, CFO and CIO. You can download it now by clicking the image below!


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