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3 Steps to Implementing a Content Calendar

Clayton Stobbs
Director of Account Management

Content calendars can be a simple way to organize a content marketing plan for a business with multiple departments needing to contribute content to the cause. Here are three simple steps to help you implement a company-wide content calendar: 

1. Keep it in the right spot

Deciding where to keep your content calendar can make or break the success of implementing this tool. It all starts with understanding how everyone on the team works. If you have a team that needs to keep it simple, then your internal calendar solution may be the best option. Outlook or Google Calendar provide decent options that are easy to share. If your team is tech savvy and does not mind logging into a Web-based software solution, then project management tool such as 37Signals Basecamp can take managing your content campaign to the next level. The key is making it easy for everyone to access, update and gather information.


2. Keep it simple

The more complex the calendar, the less likely you will get the participation you need from your team. Keep the details to a minimum, and do not treat your content calendar as a distribution strategy document. Most brands are now publishing to at least four channels, so trying to organize distribution plans in a calendar can turn into a color-coded nightmare.

Stick to the subject, and make a note for distribution recommendations if your tool is capable.


3. Keep it updated

A content calendar is only useful if it is kept up to date. If your team is losing interest, make sure you are constantly reminding them to “add that to the content calendar.” Relevancy and real-time adjustments may very well be the hardest part of implementing a content calendar. The key is persistence, and making it a distinct part of your team’s workflow.

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