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3 Secrets to Getting Click Throughs on Twitter

Twitter is a great tool for driving traffic to your blog. Are you composing and publishing tweets for your blog that take complete advantage of it? If you could use some help getting your followers to click through Twitter links to your blog posts, here are three simple secrets – that aren’t so secret – to optimize your click-through rate (CTR):

1. Give a call to action. Rather than just including a link in your tweet and hoping your followers click it, tell them to click it. First, think about what makes your blog post interesting. Did you use a surprising statistic or a thoughtful quote? Does your post ask a thought-provoking question? Whatever it is, use that aspect of your blog post, rather than the headline, to garner interest, and then provide your call to action. Phrases such as “Learn more here: [LINK]”, “Find out more: [LINK]”, “Continue reading: [LINK]”, and “Discover: [LINK]” encourage readers not only to read your tweet, but also to click through to your blog.


2. Use hashtags and keywords. If you want more click-throughs, give more people a chance to discover your tweets. The easiest way to give Twitter users who don’t follow you a chance to see your tweet is by including relevant and/or trending hashtags and keywords. For example, if I wanted to tweet this blog post, I might include #clickthroughrate in my tweet. Using this hashtag now gives any Twitter user searching for information on how to increase their CTR an opportunity to see my tweet and click through to this blog.

3. Think about timing. It’s difficult to get click-throughs if your followers aren’t there to click through. Spend some time looking at your Twitter account’s data and searching for trends in audience behaviors. Is there a certain time of day or day or the week that you see spikes in your engagement metrics? Start by publishing your tweets during those peak times. If your CTR went up, continue to publish at that time. If not, try another time of day or day of the week and check your analytics again. Always be sure to look at your data and make changes accordingly.


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