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3 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

You know how certain days have a different “feel” to them? Days of the week surely do as Sunday has a different feel than say Wednesday for example. There are also other days, such as holidays that have an undeniable feel to them as well.

One of these days with an unmistakable feel is Halloween. I don’t care how old you are, Halloween feels different than any other day, especially after the sun goes down. When it becomes night and grows darker and darker the more eerie it gets.

For marketers the who live and play in the world of content marketing – and quite frankly every marketer is or should be to some extent – there is an undeniable feel to content marketing, a dark side. Now whether they choose to believe such a dark side exists is entirely up to them but it is there.

It most certainly exists. It is where the content zombies reside and where marketers the world over are committing the deadly sins of content marketing. Fortunately for marketers we have identified these deadly sins and provide a remedy for each in our new eBook, .The 7 1/2 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing (And How To Avoid Them)

Today we’ll go over the first three of these deadly sins and how to avoid them.

  1. Making It All About You. The focus should be always on your customer. Quite simply they do not care about you, they care about what you and your product or service, etc. can do for them.
  2. Not Adhering To The N.A.S. Doctrine. AKA the Not Always Selling Doctrine. In other words resist the temptation to try and sell something via every single marketing communication you have with your customer or prospect.
  3. Wrong Church, Wrong Pew. Do you know your customers and prospects? I mean really know them? Or are you basically shooting blind, hoping for the best? Those of us in the real world know that far too many brands and businesses simply do not know who their customers are and therefore cannot target them in the first place with their content marketing strategies.

Zombie 2

Don’t Be Afraid Of Content Marketing That Goes Bump In The Night
Look the best way to deal with your fears is to face them head on. And this is no different. You know the dark side of content marketing exists. You know you may be committing one or more of the deadly sins outlines in the eBook.

It’s ok, we’re here to help.

Download the eBook today and you will be well on your way to much more sunny and brighter side of content marketing.

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