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  • October 10, 2011

3 Steps for Writing Killer Business Awards Submissions

And the winner is……

Business awards are an essential element of PR programs today. Companies submit for industry awards in an effort to increase both relevance and validation. In a competitive marketplace, validation for your company’s products, growth, executives or even just your brand in general is crucial – especially for those in B2B marketing.

Prospects researching your company for further information will come across the business awards collected and know that they are literally choosing a winner.  Moreover, when you hit a slow company news cycle, business awards are a solid way to project momentum with each win serving as a touch point with customers and prospects.

It’s up to marketing and PR to craft an awards entry that proves to a judging panel why their company is deserving. So, what are some of the steps to drafting a killer awards entry?

1. Research: You’ve identified a business award that appears spot on for your company. Perhaps it’s an industry related product award and your company recently launched something new, exciting, and brilliant for the market. It’s now time to do some homework on this particular award. What types of companies typically win this award and what categories are represented? Be sure and take a look at the winners and finalists going back at least five years to really get a sense of the companies that win. If you’re a B2B company and 9 out of 10 award finalists are B2C, your awards entry might be out of place. Companies often get too “awards happy” trying to submit for every award under the sun. At the end of the day, if the award doesn’t match your exact industry, message, product, etc. – you shouldn’t be submitting. The odds are against you and it’s much more efficient to take the time you would have spent drafting a lengthy submission and put it toward something else.

2. Brag! Remember, you’re trying to win business awards. While it’s important to remain truthful and transparent about your company, be sure to throw all that “flowery” marketing language you removed from the news release back in for the awards entry. The goal is to convince someone why your company/product/executive is better than the competition and deserves this particular award.

3. Feedback: A significant step in the awards entry drafting process is gathering feedback and insight from colleagues. The PR team often lacks knowledge of every nitty gritty product detail and after sending the submission to a co-worker, you may discover a detail here or there that you’re missing. Any slight advantage is crucial, so check in with others and have a co-worker give the awards entry a thorough read before hitting the submit button!

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