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2016 Cross Channel Marketing Trends

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

It's time once again for The Friday Five, our weekly curated roundup of five stories on one topic. This week it's omni-channel, multi-channel and cross-channel marketing. 

Top 10 Omni-Channel retail trends for 2016

Retail is in the middle of a high-stakes poker game that started a few years ago. At the beginning, there were several players at the table including Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, Macys, Nordstrom, Sears and many others. What we saw in the past few years is some of the retail players folding or having to leave the table, such as Circuit City and Radio Shack. We also saw Amazon dominate the last few rounds by continuing to play the low-margin game, thanks to lower-cost and lower-margin expectations from their shareholders. 

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How Macy's CMO Uses Omni-Channel Marketing to Surprise & Delight Shoppers

I sat down with the CMO of Macy's, Martine Reardon, to learn more about her strategy to capture attention in a crowded digital space. She believes in letting the customer create her own experience - and that marketers need to bring entertainment back into the equation.

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6 Tips For Effective Cross-Channel Marketing

The marketing landscape is evolving very fast, and marketers constantly need to adopt both proven and promising technologies and practices. Cross-channel marketing is a major concern for every marketer in this age of increasing communication channels where brands need to communicate with their customers and prospects in a unified voice. Often cross-channel marketing is expensive and difficult to run. However, in most cases, certain subtle alterations in marketing techniques can help drive a campaign effectively.

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Tame the Multi- Channel Marketing Hydra

A little more than a decade ago, digital advertising had two big arms: display and email. Today, the arms have multiplied to include digital TV and radio, display, email, mobile, native, search, social, and video. Big difference, right? Digital marketing has become an eight-armed marketing hydra, with each arm accounting for one of the channels markets must factor into a digital strategy. Each arm has a "mind" of its own; each clamoring for budget based on disparate key performance indicators (KPIs).

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IAB: Identifying Cross-Channel Audiences Key To Marketers In 2016

The ability to recognize audiences across channels and devices will become key in 2016, replacing programmatic as the top priority among marketers, according to a study released this week by the Interactive Advertising Bureau with help from Winterberry Group. The growing volume of first-party audience data and emphasis on accountability and the demonstration of return on investment across marketing and media efforts continues to drive the shift, per the report published by the Data Center of Excellence, which the IAB announced at the Annual Leadership Meeting earlier this week.

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